19 April 2012

How to find the Right diet 4 YOU!

Do you find yourself lost in a minefield of dietary advice, or have you tried everything to loose weight but are struggling, or to keep your weight down seems impossible?
Christo will give a life-changing talk on diets this coming Monday (23 April) evening (19:00) to unravel the mysteries, myths, beliefs and facts about what diet is good for you.
Some of the topics include discussions on:
Belief based diets, Vegetarian and raw diets, Weight loss, Crash diets, medical diets and (much) more.
Christo will share insights he’s discovered during more than a decade of clinical consultations. He will give practical advise on how to follow a eating style for life, for you, that will keep you healthy, full of energy and help manage your weight.
If you would like to attend or tune in via live webinar then click here

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