06 August 2009

Swine Flue, what to do, naturally

Is the "Swine Flu" getting out of hand?

Let me start by saying that bad news sells very well. It is therefore no surprise that the media is overly eager to ride the swine flu wave. I hear of many different letters and e-mails doing the rounds, warning people against basically each and every possible symptom from a runny nose to a fever to fowl smelling flatulence!
Basically what they are saying is: Be very afraid, panic, run to the doctor, get any possible vaccination, as fast as possible. Let me give you an example. We have just learnt of the first South African death of swine flu, its HEAD LINE NEWS! If you study the report, however, it’s clear that it’s unclear why Ruan Müller (22) died, as the internist who treated him does not contribute his death to swine flue. The MEDIA however states it as fact, that swine flu was the cause of his death and thus further fuels the fear of the masses, and the sales of “flu shots” and chemical pills… (Read why a recent study warns against taking Tamiflu)

What makes this flu different from other flu pandemics in the past, is the out of proportion media coverage. Government warnings, WHO warnings etc, etc. Although there are many views on the origin of the swine flu, from unexplainable mutation from 3 different flues, to suggestions that the only possible way it could have originated is in the lab, the fact remains that it’s a bug. I do not want to go into the motives, politics and economics behind the a so called global pandemic, I simply want to give you a few guide lines as how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

If you have seen my DVD Understanding the Health Puzzle, you would know that there are two schools of thought.

The first, and the one that the “scientifically educated” community holds dear, is the bug theory. The bug theory basically states that, in order to be healthy, we need to exterminate the bug. BE sterile! And if you get sick, from the bug, take a substance to kill the bug, and whatever else comes in the way. Hence we suffer from a large range of side effects caused by these wonder bug killing drugs. You may ask but I rather want to be on the safe side, and take the vaccination. Although I do understand this concern, it’s crucial that you look at what you are actually injecting yourself with, and the dangers associated with this.

The second school of thought asks the question: Why is it that we do not all get sick from the same bug? Most people would know the answer to that! Maybe the people that do not get it have a stronger immune system, and they are 100% correct!
My question is, well if people with the stronger immune system do not get sick, or at least not as severely ill from it, then why focus on killing the bug. Would it not be more sensible to boost everybody’s immune system then?

That is exactly what we do in natural medicine.
I am going to give you a few remedies that help the body fight off pathogens, NO MATTER WHAT KIND it is. Remember we had the bird flu, avian flu and now we have the swine flu. Next year we will have some other wonderfully cooked up super bug, the remedy stays the same, feed your immune system!

First, it’s important to make sure your pH is alkaline, read more here…

To further boost the immune system and to make your cells strong so that pathogens find it more difficult to penetrate the cell wall, take your omega 3 oil. The best one I can recommend is Omega SLO. This contains Squaline (very benificial when taken as a supplement - do not confuse this with injected squaline) and Alkoxyglycerols to further strengthen the cells, as well as the body’s hormonal responses.

Extra Vitamin C with added bioflavonoids is VERY important. Preventatively take 2000mg – 3000mg per day. If you do get a cold, up the dosage to 1000mg every hour. The dosage can be adjusted for children. To know when you have reached your saturation level for vitamin C, look for more than usual flatulence or loose bowels. If this happens, simply lower your intake of C for a while. I suggest taking buffered vitamin C with Bioflavonoids.

There are a number of herbs that boosts the immune system. These can be used preventatively. Some of these herbs include , Olive Leaf, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Cat’s Claw, Elderberry, Garlic, Onion, and many, many more. You can take combinations of these that are available or as single herbs. Herbs are available in capsule form, drops or just the raw herb that can be brewed into a tea. It’s hard to find a herb that does not have an immune boosting effect or an anti-microbial property. These have been used for centuries or longer, and have been proven over many years as effective. We also have a premixed remedy called Fight factor. We have been using Fight Factor in combination with vitamin C for many years.

Another great remedy is Silvermax. Silvermax is a very special and potent form of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has been used for decades against pathogens and to strengthen the immune system. Silvermax comes in a glass bottle with a spray top. Spray it as often as possible in the mouth. It’s also a great remedy taking with you when travelling, specially on aeroplanes.
It’s very good to use antioxidants on a daily basis. Anti oxidants protect you against harmful toxins that you ingest on a daily basis. Here we suggest Activ 8, as the widest spectrum antioxidant and most active, that we have ever come across.

One thing to be careful of is taking un-natural (chemical) cough remedies. At the back of your throat there is a valve, called the epiglottis, that stops anything but air going into your lungs. When mucus forms a post nasal drip, the mucus irritates this valve. Once it senses the irritation, it reacts by sending a burst of air from the lungs up the throat to blast the mucus away. This is called a cough. When you take a “soothing” chemical cough remedy, it deactivates this valve’s action and the mucus can now potentially run into your lungs, causing a far more serious infection called pneumonia.
A great natural cough mixture can be made at home by mixing equal parts Honey, Garlic, Ginger and Brandy. Take a spoon every hour. This is also an expectorant, meaning it will expel mucus.
You may also choose some homeopathic couch remedies like Bronchalis Heel or Husteel or Drosera Homaccord, or Cetralin.

Fever is another scare word, and has to be fought as fiercely as possible, or so you are told. When the body raises it’s temperature, its busy FIGHTING invasion of some sort. This could be a virus. It raises the temperature in order to keep the virus at bay, while making anti-bodies against the invading virus. The virus cannot multiply as fast at a higher body temperature.

When you take an anti-pyretic drug (fever medicine) you short out the body’s natural defence mechanism. You may feel immediate relief, BUT will now take much longer to heal.
The next question I get is: “but what if my child gets convulsions from running a temperature?” Although this RARELY happens, its good to be on the safe side.

We often use Viburcol suppositories from Heel. It’s homeopathic and completely safe. It contains natural substances that will help control fever naturally while also calming down your child. Clinical studies have shown it to be no less effective than paracetamol, but without any of the dangerous side effects. Other remedies include, Fever from Natura and the tissue salt Ferrum Phos. We often give Engystol at the first sign of a fever.

As far as diet is concerned, stay away from wheat products, dairy products and sugar or sugar containing drinks or food. These place a heavy load on the immune system and makes it more difficult for your body to heal.
When there is some sunshine, take off your shirt and absorb the sunlight through your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes every day. Contrary to popular scare tactics, the Sun is actually your friend, not your enemy. DO NOT PUT ON ANY SUN BLOCK. The sun produces vitamin D in your body. The scientifically studied benefits of vitamin D range from cancer fighting to preventing osteoporosis! Let the children play outside in the sun and let them get fresh air.

Last but certainly not least, take your multi vitamins and other supplements regularly. Eat fresh raw organic vegetables and some fruit. Make sure to get good quality proteins like organic meat, egg and chicken. Drink a lot of fresh clean water daily. You can read more about water here.


  1. Thanx Christo, I have often felt guilty for not feeling so stressed about this pandemic - especially here were so many people have supposedly died from it. This just confirms my feelings about it and boosts self-confidence. Appreciate all the good natural immune-builder advice!

  2. Dankie Christo vir hierdie aritikel. Ek wens meer mense wil ernstig raak oor gesondheid en natuurlik leef. Dis wat hierdie siek wereld nodig het.

  3. Ek wil dit uitdruk en aan almal oral om my gee. Christo, hoekom is ons mensdom so geslote vir die waarheid.....?
    Dankie vir die insiggewende artikel.
    Ons gesels weer.



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