27 August 2012

How to have a healthy and natural pregnancy in spite of your gynaecologist . (Part 5c)

Remedies AFTER labour
by Christo Lues

Once it’s all over, the pain from a normal delivery disappears almost immediately when the mother holds the little bundle of joy, at least so I am told and also observed in the eight deliveries of my own children.

The body however now starts a repairing process, and this is what we will focus on in this section. The body is a living organism and has a self healing process built into every cell. Inside each cell is the original building plan (the DNA) of what the fully built cell should look like. The cell is able to replicate or heal perfectly, provided it has the required building material for building a healthy cell.
If we think that we are able to get everything our body needs from food, what we are saying is that the mass produced, genetically modified, artificially fertilized, pesticide sprayed, cold stored for months, radiated and microwaved fresh fruit and vegetables contains all your body needs… a no brainer if you think about it.

You should keep taking all the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that you were taking before and during pregnancy, because your body still needs all that to function optimally.

Having delivered your baby your body went through a natural, though extremely strenuous experience, so some internal and external bruising will occur. Although your body will repair this in time, given the nutrients like Omega SLO, there is great benefit in taking some homeopathic remedies aid the healing process. 
Traumeel S is one of the top remedies available. It comes in pill, drops, Ampules, Ointment and Gell forms. For fast recovery start using just after delivery. Take 10 drops or 1 pill every hour for about two days then as the body starts recovering, reduce the dose to about 3 x per day, till completely healed.
If you had a cesarean section, the same procedure can be followed and after the wound dressing is removed you can apply the Ointment to the scar.

Squaline can be applied to reduce scarring and stretch marks. Apply twice a day. Squaline can also be massaged into tender nipples. If you want to strengthen the nipples, massage the squaline into the nipples for about 3 weeks before delivery.

Something most first time mothers are not aware of is the contractions that follow the delivery. These are required to let the womb contract back to it’s original size. The womb needs to get back to size asap, as this reduces the chance for post partum hemorrhage.
Taking raspberry leaf tea, will serve as a tonic for the uterus, aiding in the contractions. When these contractions become very strong after the birth, it can be quite painful. To help reduce some of these overly intense and painful contractions, taking Spascupreel homeopathic tablets, is extremely effective.

If you had an episiotomy (cut or tear) Applying Silvermax afterwards will help reduce the chance of infection and speed up healing greatly. Taking a bath with sea salt in the bath will also help heal and protect the episiotomy against infection.

If you received pain medication, antibiotics, anesthetic or any chemicals before, during or after the delivery, you would want to get these out of your system as fast as possible. Taking Liver Detox spray help rejuvenate and clean the liver fast and effectively. Generally taking 5 sprays 2 x per day is adequate.

Weccesin Powder is wonderful using on baby’s umbilical. Simply sprinkle the powder on the umbilical with the change of every nappy. The remaining piece of the umbilical cord should fall off within three days after delivery. If you see infection (redness) or a little pus, spray the area with Silvermax with every nappy change then apply some Weccesin powder. Make sure to spray some Silvermax in baby’s mouth as often as possible.

In general the white on your baby’s tongue is NOT candida, but some residue from drinking breast milk. No action is required.
If however you start experiencing itchy nipples, chances of a yeast infestation (like Candida) is possible. This is also called thrush by some. In this case make sure to use nipple guards and cleaning them with GSE after each use. Also make sure that breast pads do NOT contain any plastic layers. Use cotton breast pads instead. If you do have a possible yeast infection, make sure to spray the GSE on the breast pads, your bra or any clothing coming into contact with your breasts. It may speed the healing process by walking topless for a few days (indoors…)

If baby does have thrush, you can clean her mouth with a very weak solution of Bicarb dissolved into water. Dissolve one teaspoon to a liter of boiled, water. Keep the cold bicarb solution handy when feeding, cleaning baby’s mouth with a cotton swab soaked in the solution.

Tips on breastfeeding for mothers can be found here… (Linnie’s Blog)
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20 August 2012

How to have a healthy and natural pregnancy in spite of your gynaecologist . (Part 5b)

Remedies DURING labour
by Christo Lues

It is very important to realize when you are in labour, and what false labour looks like. If you don’t know, you might end up in medical hands forcing you into real labour.

Many women arrive at their chosen maternity home, convinced that their very tight uncomfortable bellies herald that most important of days, the birth of their child, only to be told that they are not in labour. Or worse, the staff can't tell the difference between real and false labour and take charge of your labour by inducing labour or any of the procedures I mentioned previously. 

Signs of false labor;

There will be no blood-tinged show off mucus.
False labor pains usually;
  • Do not become closer
  • disappear on rest or when taking a warm bath
  • the time between contractions are irregular and longer than real ones, often lasting anything from 1 to 15 minutes.
  • Can be quite painful, but not increasingly so.

Recognizing labor
The following checklist will help you decide if you are in labor
  • A greatly increased (but otherwise normal looking and smelling) mucousy vaginal discharge.
  • A heavy sensation in the pelvis
  • Very uncomfortable back and groin pain
  • An increase in the frequency and strength of practice pains
  • The slight slowing down in your baby’s movements

A day or two before labour you may find these signs;
  • A few episodes of loose stools but not diarrhea, which is the bowels natural evacuation instinct or nature’s enema
  • A slight bloody show of mucus expelled from the cervix - this can start from even 10 days before real labor.
  • The cervix often dilates a few centimeters
  • Many women experienced a surge of energy commonly wishing to clean up cupboards
  • Increased irritability

Definite signs of labor;
These things must all occur for your baby to be born, although the sequence and variations of patterns my differ greatly.
  • A show of mucus, as described above, must occur and will be ongoing while in labour. It is not necessarily the first sign but does often precede the next three signs.
  • Contractions must occur even in so-called painless birth to expel the baby from the uterus and through the birth canal. Labour contractions typically have these characteristics; irregular initially… becoming more regular;   far apart (20-40 minutes)… closer together (1 or 2 minute intervals just before birth);   less strong... becoming more strong;   shorter (20-30 seconds) … longer (60 to 70 seconds at the end of the first stage).
  • On internal examination, increased cervix dilation will be felt
  • Breaking of the amniotic waters must occur, although this frequently happens later in labour. It might only be a trickle of water, often mistaken for leaking bladder, or it may come out in a gush. Slight tears of the membranes often spontaneously reseal and this may be completely without danger to the mother or child. In the event of great amniotic fluid loss, labour usually speeds up considerably due to the direct pressure of the babies head on the mouth all the uterus. Labour should follow within a few hours (up to 12) of this greater amniotic fluid loss and the baby’s movements and heartbeat should be carefully monitored.

Once the above occur it may be a good idea to get your midwife close by…

Homeopathy for the first stage of labour

The remedy Caulophyllum will help relax an overly tight cervix mouth where slowed dilation leads to great distress and prostration in the labouring woman. It often also restores contractions that will have ceased and can, in so doing, avoid steps of intervention like booster induction or cesarean section. 
Most practitioners use it in a 7CH or and 9CH potency and either from a few days before the woman’s due date or starting at the moment she is in labour. Use every 30 minutes or every hour during labour.

Cimicifuga is a remedy that acts strongly on the central nervous system including the impulses to muscular organs like the uterus, improving its function. Women who are very agitated during labour and who have a particularly low pain threshold profit greatly from its regular use during labour.

Rescue, in drop (preferred) or tablet form is a Bach Flower remedy that will help you to cope if you feel that you are losing control during labour. 

If you experience terrible anxiety of sudden onset just as labour begins used Aconite to release. 

If your labour is very slow to get under way, use Pulsatilla to speed it up without stress.

Other remedies during labour.

Coral 8 is great for helping along the contractions. When a muscle contracts it uses calcium and to relax it needs magnesium. If these minerals are depleted or in low supply labour will be more challenging, Coral 8 supplies the body with highly absorbable ionic calcium, magnesium and all 72 trace minerals that makes the body work correctly. Let your partner open these in your mouth or simply chew the capsule. Then slowly let it dissolve in the mouth. You can use this remedy as often as is needed during labour.

Cell Food™ is great for when it feels like you have no energy left or become extremely out of breath. Taking Cell Food™ will supply a bolus of energy and oxygen into your system if put in a little water. In a situation, usually just before delivery, a woman may become oxygen depleted, possibly resulting in spasms of the hands or other muscles. In this instance place 3-5 drops directly under the tongue - warning, it has a strong taste, but works instantly!

Arnica oil for massaging the back is extremely helpful when baby moves down and the mother experiences some pain. Massage in one direction, i.e. not up and down.

Chamomile oil can also be used for massaging and will have a calming effect on the mother without stopping labour.

In the final post (5c), I will look at remedies to be used after delivery.
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13 August 2012

How to have a healthy and natural pregnancy in spite of your gynaecologist . (Part 5a)

by Christo Lues

How to avoid an un-natural pregnancy

In the previous articles (Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) we have talked about how to have a natural pregnancy in spite of your gynecologist. I want to end off this final part (divided into 3 subsections before - during and after birth) by giving a few guidelines on what you can do to help yourself in an emergency situation or when you do not go into labour spontaneously. 

So how do we avoid an unnatural pregnancy?
The best way is to listen to your own body, to know what your body is like and how your body responds, in other words, read the signs of labour early.

This cannot be done if you do not know your own body. The first step would be to get in touch with your own body. So how do you do that? This is not something that happens overnight it takes practice, it requires trust and it takes time.
Having said that, there are certain general signs that you can look out for. 

The main thing is you must trust that God built your body in such a way that it can do its own thing and thus have a natural pregnancy.
This means that very few women will be too small to bare a baby. God made you the right size and will not make you bear an elephant!

Secondly, baby will be born when he/she is ready. You will NOT be pregnant forever :-)

Thirdly you will be able to bear the pain, it’s not unbearable and your body is designed to handle this kind of thing through secreting certain hormones  during the labour.

Remedies BEFORE labour

One of the best ways to have a healthy pregnancy is to be healthy - before you start. This really means that you start at your own birth! Living a healthy life from childhood will certainly make your eggs (and sperm) healthier than someone that starts a month before they decide to fall pregnant.
But this may only be for a few ‘lucky’ individuals who’s parents had that foresight… as for the rest of us we have to start as soon as we realize wanting a healthy pregnancy, means that we have to start living healthy asap!

DETOX (for Both…)
It’s fascinating to see emphasis what everybody places on the woman who is going to have a baby, and how the problem is always first investigated with the woman. Although the female reproductive system is infinitely complicated and important, as far as genetic composition on contribution to the conception process, the male health is at least equally important. 
So when we talk about detoxing for the purpose of preparing for a healthy pregnancy we are referring to the couple.
Detox is not simply cleaning your colon, as many may think. I recommend a detox of every cell of the human body. The only proper, and therefore effective, detox I know is that of Sevenpointfive. The reason for this is that the Sevenpointfive philosophy helps the body Cleanse, Nourish and Balance every cell in the body. One of the most important factors about this detox is that it strives to correct the pH of the bodily fluids to the ideal pH of 7.5. This is much like a swimming pool. Once you have the correct pH of the water in the swimming pool, maintaining the pool takes very little maintenance. 
After the Sevenpointfive detox, you are put onto a maintenance program (much like maintaining your pool) to keep you healthy. This includes a good and healthy diet and some supplements to help maintain your body.

It’s very important to remember that in order to produce healthy eggs (and sperm) you need to start at least 4 months before conception, six months is more desirable. Having said that, if you are pregnant already, its never too late to start. Find a Sevenpointfive consultant close to you.

In general, I recommend that the expecting or soon to be expecting mothers take at least the following supplements - note, I use mostly the Sevenpointfive range, because in 15yrs of clinical practice I have not found any product that comes close as far as efficacy, potency, value for money, purity and integrity goes.

Antioxidants - in the modern age we are swamped with toxins from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the ‘food’ we eat. If you want to protect yourself and your baby against the effects of these and other toxins including electro-pollution, then you need a potent and wide spectrum antioxidant - I recommend Activ 8.

Vitamins - are the building blocks of every living cell in the body. If your gynaecologist thinks differently he must have flunked biochemistry. If he reasons that you get everything from your diet, well what he really means is that the mass produced, genetically modified, artificially fertilized, pesticide sprayed, cold stored for months, radiated and microwaved fresh fruit and vegetables has all that your body needs… a no brainer if you think about it. I recommend a high quality product like Viridian High Five multi-vitamin. If the mother has some stress or struggle to sleep I recommend Mindset instead of the multivitamin.

Essential fatty acids, are as the name suggests are ESSENTIAL. This means that the body cannot produce it, even if we lived 100% healthy and organic. You NEED to take it in, much like water. These build the ‘skin’ of every one of the cells in your body and that of your baby. When the skin of every cell is healthy then the body is more healthy. It also forms the building blocks of your much needed hormones before, during and after pregnancy. Studies have shown that babies of whom the mothers supplemented with omega 3 oils during pregnancy, are born with more brain folds - they are more intelligent than babies of whom the mothers did not. Omega oils are also essential in maintaining a healthy immune system. I do not recommend so called purified or concentrated oils - as much of the natural essential ingredients are removed, making these less effective than natural pure fish oils, although they are marketed as the real thing. I also do not recommend plant based omega 3 oils,(ALA and LA) as these cannot be utilised effectively by the body, unless the body converts it to usable (EPA and DHA). This process is often quite ineffective and not enough omega 3 oils is absorbed in this way. I recommend the use of Omega SLO, because it is certified 100% pure, it contains EPA and DHA as well as Squaline and Alkoxyglycerol that is needed for every function in the body. These substances are also essential for healthy lactation.

Minerals forms the frame for the rest of the body. Think of the baby forming bones, blood and organs by using the available calcium, magnesium and other minerals in your body. If you do not supplement with the correct absorbable minerals, your body will simply loose minerals to the developing fetus, leaving you depleted and vulnerable to disease.

I recommend the use of ionic coral calcium sachets in your purified drinking water to correct the pH of the body so that proper absorption can take place of all nutrients. These sachets however does not supply enough physical minerals to build the body, for that we need to add minerals in ionic form. I recommend Coral 8 capsules which contains the correct balance of calcium, magnesium, vit D and all of the essential 72 trace minerals we need for a healthy body.

Other remedies can be used to prepare your body for labour.
Raspberry leaf tea is a tonic for the uterus and helps tone the uterus so that it can contract and relax resulting in healthy contractions for natural delivery. 

If you are afraid of tearing during labour, you can massage your perineum with Squaline to make it softer and stretch easier. Do this 2 x per day - if it becomes difficult, your husband will be happy to help out…

Something that you may not have considered is a water birth. Read more about water birth here...

In part b I will talk about what remedies can be used during labour.


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