23 November 2011

Four cups of coffee a day could help keep womb cancer at bay

Research has linked regular consumption with lower odds of endometrial cancer, the most common form of the disease. 
Women who drank four or more cups a day over many years were 25 per cent less likely to develop the disease than those who limited themselves to less than a cup daily.
Both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties seemed to help ward off the disease, although tea had no effect, the 26-year study of almost 70,000 women found.
Drunk regularly, coffee may help lower levels of hormones believed to fuel the cancer, the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention reports. Endometrial cancer affects 6,400 British women a year in the UK and kills an estimated 1,000 annually. 
Risk goes up with age, weight and with having a mother who had the disease.

The researchers, from Harvard School of  Public Health in the U.S., said: ‘Increasing exercise and maintaining normal body weight are probably the most important ways to prevent endometrial cancer.

‘However, additional strategies are needed and dietary habits such as coffee drinking could provide one option.’ They cautioned that  adding cream and sugar to the beverage may cancel out the effects, as may smoking.

A total of 672 cases of the cancer, which affects the lining of the uterus, were reported over  the 26-year span of the study.
Senior researcher Edward Giovannucci said coffee could help against cancers associated with obesity, insulin and oestrogen, and that it had been shown to improve insulin resistance.
He said: ‘Coffee has already been shown to be protective against diabetes due to its effect on insulin, so we hypothesised that we’d see a reduction in some cancers as well.’
Professor Giovannucci added: ‘Laboratory testing has found that coffee has much more antioxidants than most vegetables and fruits.’

28 October 2011

Women with high cholesterol live longer, have fewer heart attacks and strokes!

by Mike Adams

If the diagnosis of high cholesterol sounds like a death sentence to your ears, you may be the victim of cholesterol propaganda. It's not uncommon to believe that lower is better when it comes to cholesterol, but new research shows otherwise. In fact, a recent study in Norway says women with high cholesterol live longer and suffer from fewer heart attacks and strokes than those with lower cholesterol.

Can high cholesterol save your life?
Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology looked at 52,087 individuals between the ages of 20 and 74. After adjusting for factors like age, smoking and blood pressure, researchers found women with high cholesterol (more than 270 mg/dl) had a 28 percent lower mortality risk than women with low cholesterol (under 193 mg/dl). Risk for heart disease, cardiac arrest and stroke also declined as cholesterol levels rose.

The researchers involved in the study admit this contradicts commonly accepted beliefs about cholesterol. They say current guideline information is misleading because the role of cholesterol in heart disease is overestimated.

These results fly in the face of what most of us have been told about cholesterol. Our misconceptions about cholesterol may in fact be endangering countless lives. For instance, millions of people are prescribed statin drugs to lower their cholesterol levels, believing that this will save their lives. Not only do statin drugs come with a plethora of dangerous side effects, but now the very premise of their existence is also brought into question.

Our focus on lowering cholesterol to prevent heart disease and mortality is misplaced. It also fails to serve in the best interest of our health and wellness. In fact, the dogmatic belief that cholesterol must be lowered appears to best serve pharmaceutical companies, which profit from cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Better results will be achieved when we develop a more well-rounded focus on other risks for heart disease, which include stress, toxins, a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet. As an added bonus, these factors aren't treated with dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, but with simple, healthful lifestyle changes.

Learn more here...

16 October 2011


The truth may upset you at first, but it will ultimately set you free. 
A.R. Bernard.

08 October 2011

Help, I have Hay fever!!

OK, so you are sneezing, can't see where you go and your eyes look like you had a few very late nights!
The only thing you want to do is get a shot or a pill to chill untill it passes. Only problem is that you would sleep through your day, as life goes on for other people. This is when that luring cortisone shot seems awefully attractive (barr the  terrible side effects)
Do not dispair, there are natural ways around this! Read more...

29 August 2011

Meeting the owner of Biostrath

Asara wine estate & Hotel
As I have said before, meeting a legend is a true privilege. In this case it was a legendary product. S. A. Natural products invited me and a few other guests to a lovely breakfast at Asara wine estate, to meet the owner of the Biostrath company, celebrating 50years of Biostrath as a world wide commercial product.

In the 1950s, as a result of poor health caused by Meniere's disease, Fred Pestalozzi, the founder of the company, became aware of a natural product containing a special combination of herbs and yeast. After taking the food supplement for three months he had completely recovered and was able to return to work.

This personal experience and his interest in nature prompted him to find out more about this product. He contacted its inventor, Dr. phil. chem. Walter Strathmeyer, and visited him in Germany. A close friendship developed from these meetings, culminating in the German Strathmeyer presenting his friend with the recipe and licence so that Fred Pestalozzi could spread the "miracle potion" among the people.

This was the moment when the Bio-Strath products were born. In 1961, he set up Bio-Strath AG, based in Z├╝rich and Herrliberg, Switzerland.

Today, the plant's output, amounting to some 1.3 million units per year, is automatically bottled, labelled, packed and prepared for dispatch to destinations at home and abroad. With three sales representatives covering the whole of Switzerland, the company employs a total of 15 members of staff.

In Switzerland and in some other countries the name Bio-Strath has been changed into Strath Food Supplements (liquid, Tablets, Drops) and Strath Remedies.

We started using Biostrath about 5 years ago, when I learned of it. At first I was (like many) concerned that it was a yeast extract and that it would thus promote yeast infections. Well when I saw the studies that showed that Biostrath actually KILLS yeasts, I gave it a try. We have been using it ever since, and have virtually eliminated the common colds and flu from our home.

Biostrath is a good old fashioned TONIC for everyone. I use it on a daily basis in consultations with the many clients I consult, and I get really great results with it.

Christo Lues, owner Eirene Health and David Pestalozzi owner of Biostrath

David Pestalozzi, the current owner of the family business, told us that he has been given, and subsequently have been taking Biostrath since birth! Biostrath is safe in most any medical condition. It is also an ideal supplement for strengthening pregnant or lactating mothers, babies and children as well as the hardworking business owner.

Get your Biostrath today, available in Great tasting Liquid or Tablet form. At Eirene Health Shop you get more than just a product, you get expert professional advice at no extra cost!

15 August 2011

Help, I have Blood Pressure and Cholesterol!

By Christo Lues
This seems to be one of the biggest problems of our day! Most people that I consult with on a daily basis is on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.
From medical aids to life insurance to doctors to friends want to know what your cholesterol level is. 
If you walk into your local convenience shop, you find it very hard to buy anything that’s not labeled “Low-Fat” or “Fat-Free” or “Cholesterol Free”
Fat has become the ultimate culprit of the post modern food world.
It is not the intention of this article to discuss the origin of this notion, but rather to point the way for the future.

Does consuming fat clog up our arteries?
The following is on the front page of The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics:
For decades, enormous human and financial resources have been wasted on the cholesterol campaign, more promising research areas have been neglected, producers and manufacturers of animal food all over the world have suffered economically, and millions of healthy people have been frightened and badgered into eating a tedious and flavorless diet or into taking potentially dangerous drugs for the rest of their lives. As the scientific evidence in support of the cholesterol campaign is non-existent, we consider it important to stop it as soon as possible.
   The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics (THINCS) is a steadily growing group of scientists, physicians, other academicians and science writers from various countries. Members of this group represent different views about the causation of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, some of them are in conflict with others, but this is a normal part of science. What we all oppose is that animal fat and high cholesterol play a role. The aim with this website is to inform our colleagues and the public that this idea is not supported by scientific evidence; in fact, for many years a huge number of scientific studies have directly contradicted it.
So what does this mean?
Does this mean that avoiding saturated animal fat, eggs, low fat milk, fat free milk, fatty meat, organ meats etc. will not benefit you?
Does it mean that your Specialist Doctor who puts you on a cholesterol lowering diet wrong? 
Well let me try and explain the dilemma with the current cholesterol treatment model.
It all starts in the saliva. Yes, in your mouth. I am talking about the pH of your body. When the pH of your saliva drops to acid (below 7) it means that the water between your body tissue cells become acid. When this situation continues for any length of time the cell will start malfunctioning and disease may set in.
We may all be familiar with one such acid borne symptom. If you’ve done strenuous exercise and experience stiff or sore muscles the next day, it’s due to a build up of lactic acid in the muscle tissues. Because the arteries in your body is also made from muscle tissue, they too may become too acid, much like the muscles in your legs for instance.
Lets say you were to stretch that stiff leg muscle too much, it will actually tear! This is of coarse very painful.
The same happens when we “stretch” an artery. This may happen when you end up behind a taxi in traffic or standing in a slow moving line at the post office. Because of these, umm, stressful situations, you may experience a sudden constriction of the arteries, increasing your blood pressure to fight off the eminent enemy in front of you. 
In order for these arteries to constrict, the muscle tissue forming the arteries contracts and thus a higher pressure is the result. Now, if those artery muscle tissues happened to be too acid, a small tear may be the result of the sudden constriction. This may result in a microscopic tear in the artery wall. As a result there is a small leak of blood from the artery.
When this happens the body springs to action. Bleeding is serious and if left unattended can have catastrophic consequences. So, to plug the “hole” the body gets some fibrous material from the liver called fibrinogen. It uses this much like you would plug the hole in a fiber-glass boat, this being the fiber. Secondly for “cement” it draws calcium from the bones to strengthen the patch. Lastly, to make sure there is no leak, it puts a sealant over the patch, called; “bad cholesterol” or Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL). 
Low density means it can float on-top of something else. This means that the so called bad LDL will float on top until it gets to the point of where it’s needed, and then attach to the inside of the artery wall to seal the patch. A miracle just occurred, your life was saved!
However, when your specialist doctor, called a Cardiologist, opens you up to find blocked arteries, he blames the patches for blocking your arteries, and puts you an anti-patch medicine called, statins!
You may ask why he would do such a thing? Well see, it’s all about cholesterol, in fact it’s all about the “bad LDL cholesterol.” 
When your artery tissues are acid, like I explained above, you don’t just form one little hole, you may have thousands! In order to seal off these thousands of microscopic holes, you need a lot of “sealant” or LDL cholesterol.
So, when your clever doc tests your blood, sure enough, he will see the higher levels of patch material, or LDL or “bad cholesterol” Bad for saving your life!
As the arteries hardens due to prolonged acidity, you may have more and more of these “patches” being formed. You may even have total blockage of certain arteries. This is serious, but it is certainly NOT the fault of the “bad” patching material - LDL!
In fact, as the artery walls hardens over time, due to high acid levels, you may even find yourself with a whole new condition - high blood pressure!
High blood pressure then results from the hardened arteries not being able to contract or relax, the action whereby it regulates the blood’s pressure.
So, you mean that the whole cholesterol thing is a lie we are being fed by pharmaceutical companies sponsoring adverts and doctors conventions? Well, one recent study by Dr Malcolm Kendrick showed that the people with the lowest cholesterol (Australian Aborigines) has about thirty times higher cardiovascular disease as Britten, in fact the highest on the planet. The Swiss with the highest average cholesterol levels have the lowest incidence of CVD in the WORLD!
So, you decide…
What about the medication given for cholesterol? Well, one good source of information on the effect of “Statins” (Cholesterol medicine) is a book called “Did your Doctor tell you?” by Prof. Willem Serfontein. On pg. 27 he lists just a few possible side effects of taking statins, among them are; Increased Cancer risk, Suppression of insulin levels (Called diabetes), weakening of the heart muscle, Immune malfunction, Peripheral nerve damage AND Increased cardiovascular risk!! Some others that he does not list may include loss of memory, burning feet, dementia and loss of sex drive. Good stuff this...
What can you do about it?
The best thing you can do, is to get your body pH tested. Remember, this is NOT your stomach acid. It’s the pH of your intercellular fluid. 
Once you have this value tested, you can start acting on correcting this value to an optimal level of 7.5. As your acid level drops, your body can regain it’s optimal level of functionality, and start repairing itself. 
Certain supplements may help the body regain its optimal healthy level much more effectively. Amongst these are Omega 3 with Alkoxyglycerol and Squaline added, Coral Calcium to help achieve a good pH, and a complex of anti-oxidants.

09 August 2011

Why do you like us?

Hi Friends

We really would like to know two very important things from you

1) Where you first heard about us?
2) Why you prefer doing business with US rather than the OPPOSITION?

We are striving to become more of what you like about us...!

You can leave a comment below, or e-mail us.

Hope to hear from you!

05 July 2011

Watch us on Cape Town TV

This coming Monday morning the 18th of July 2011 @10:00 session 3 will be screened:

The Nutritional Puzzle 
Puzzling Plethora of Pills, Powders & Plants (Supplements)

Cape Town TV started broadcasting my DVD series Understanding The Health Puzzle

This is great news, as many people will now be able to get a better understanding of some challenging and sometimes confusing natural medicine related issues!

To watch it tune in to Cape Town TV. It is on at 10:00 on Monday mornings.

Here is a preview:

01 July 2011

What are you reading?

During my (short) lifetime, I have read a lot of books - mostly factual. I have just finished this book by Dr. Nicolas J. Gonzalez on the real origins of Cancer.

I am passionate about health and learning more about it so I can better serve people in my calling.

I am interested to hear from you; what and how often you read to better yourself in what you do?

Please mail me or leave a comment to let me know!

10 May 2011

The Gullible Mind Explained

By Mike Adams (Edited by Christo Lues)
(NaturalNews) In light of the string of the blatant falsehoods being announced by the U.S. government these days (FDA, DHS, White House, etc.) it's interesting that so many people still believe whatever they are told by "official" sources. It brings up the question of the functioning of their brains: How could a person swallow official information so gullibly and so completely without even asking commonsense questions about the reliability or factual basis of that information?
These people, it turns out, are operating from what I called The Gullible Mind. It is a psychological processing malfunction that filters out information based on its source rather than its integrity. People who operate from The Gullible Mind tend to have misplaced trust in governments, institutions, mainstream news networks, doctors, scientists or anyone who wears the garb of apparent authority.
Whereas a normal, intelligent person would raise commonsense questions about information they receive from all sources, the Gullible Mind wholly accepts virtually any information from sources that occupy the role of apparent authority in society.
Governments never lie
But how does this work inside their heads? It's an interesting process. Gullible Mind people do believe it is possible for a government (or institution) to lie; but they believe that governments, institutions and doctors choose NOT to lie even when it would serve their own self interests to do so.
Follow this carefully, because this is the fascinating part. These Gullible Mind people effectively believe that even though a government official could lie about something, they would never actually do so. And why wouldn't they? Because, ultimately, the Gullible Mind crowd believes that governments, institutions and mainstream media outlets operate from a sort of honor code. So even if it were in the interests of our own government to lie to us, it would never happen because that would violate this imaginary honor code.
Where does this honor code exist? Where is it written down? Nowhere, of course. It is imaginary. But to The Gullible Mind, it seems real. Interestingly, even though this "honor code" only exists in the imagination of The Gullible Mind person, they project this honor code onto sources of authority, imagining that they abide by it.
Extreme gullibility
This is how The Gullible Mind person believes that network news always reports the truth. The news networks have a sense of "honor," they believe, and this sense of honor requires them to always report the truth and never manipulate the news for any nefarious purposes. So news networks never "shape" the news and they only report what is factually true without any consideration whatsoever of politics or advertiser profits.
This view of the world is, of course, laughably naive. And yet it is the core belief system of at least half the population -- the Gullible Mind half that believes everything it is told by its own government, media or authority figures.
Interestingly, the Gullible Mind is also inwardly gullible because it does not recognize its own gullibility. Instead, it believes it is operating as a Rational Mind. This false Rational Mind believes it functions as a critical filter of incoming information, but even this is self deception. In truth, this false Rational Mind is on "auto filter" so that it filters out any information that conflicts with the information it is receiving from official sources.
This is the key to understanding the Gullible Mind -- it isn't the quality of the information itself that matters; it is the confirmation of the story from official sources that "makes it real" in the Gullible Mind.
The Easter Bunny killed Bin Laden!
For example, let's say a Gullible Mind person comes across an announcement that says the Easter Bunny has killed Osama Bin Laden. The report claims that colored eggs were found near Bin Laden's body, and there was evidence of feathers being left at the scene, which proves the Easter Bunny was there.
Now, an intelligent, rational mind would have a lot of questions about this. For starters, rabbits don't have feathers. And the Easter Bunny is a piece of fiction, too. On top of that, how could the Easter Bunny kill Osama Bin Laden? An intelligent person would, upon reviewing the holes in the story, be forced to conclude the story is fiction. The only logical conclusion from that is that the government is lying to them.
A Gullible Mind person, however, would not ask whether rabbits have feathers, or whether the Easter Bunny is capable of conducting a military raid. Instead, the Gullible Mind person would first look to other confirming news sources in order to determine the reliability of the story. They would turn on the TV or surf the internet, looking for the news to be repeated through "official" sources.
Once they found CNN, or Fox News, or some other "official" source reporting that the Easter Bunny killed Osama Bin Laden, then that news report would instantly become "real" in their minds. Suddenly it has shifted from their mental processing queue to the "absolutely truth" part of their brain, and from that point forward, no one can question that reality in their heads.
Don't bother arguing with a Gullible Mind - they are immune to facts
At this point, their rational mind is completely shut off on the topic. No accumulation of facts can, at that point, rattle their "reality." For example, a person who believes the government's story of 9/11 has already embraced the Easter Bunny version of terrorists flying airplanes into the World Trade Center towers. So how did this act cause the WTC 7 building to collapse in a demolition-style free-fall a few hours later, when WTC 7 was never struck by airplanes? How can a steel and concrete building suddenly and magically collapse in perfect structural synchronicity merely from being on fire?
The answers don't matter to The Gullible Mind, you see. There is no room for facts inside their heads, because all the space has been taken up with what is essentially a cult-like belief in institutions of authority.
We saw this in the Heaven's Gate cult in California a few years back. The leader of that cult, a man named Applegate, positioned himself as the one and only source of authoritative information among the cult followers. So HE became the authoritative source whose information was wholly accepted without questioning or skepticism of any kind. At that point, he was able to quite easily convince his followers that an alien race was going to land a UFO on the far side of a comet, and that if they killed themselves, they would be transported onto the alien ship (or something like that).
The belief in such a story may seem silly... until you realize that the governments of the world use the exact same cult-like tactics to get their own "followers" to believe everything they say, without question. So if President Zuma announced that an alien race was going to land a mother ship on the Tuin Huis’ lawn, and that people who voted for him would have their consciousness transferred to an immortal alien body, the remarkable truth is that millions of people would believe that. Perhaps tens of millions. They would even worship him as an interstellar saint. Or maybe closer to home, if he says that the ANC will create jobs, deliver services and eradicate corruption in the government, the remarkable truth is that millions of people would believe that and vote for the ANC!
Remember Orson Welles' radio program that announced aliens had invaded the Earth and were destroying our cities? ( Huge numbers of people believed it was really happening... and not because it made any sense, but because the information came from the source they trusted. To those people, the alien invasion was just as real back then as Bin Laden's official death is to government followers today.
Throughout history, many conspiracy theories have turned out to be true
Government lying, of course, has been going on for as long as governments have existed. Not all conspiracies theories are true, of course, but so many of them turn out to be true that the idea of "not believing" in conspiracies makes no rational sense.
To not believe in conspiracies means you don't believe two people have ever sat down and plotted to take advantage of others in some unethical and deceptive way. Well gee, that describes virtually every board meeting of every large corporation in the world! Conspiracies are not just commonplace; they're practically synonymous with modern-day capitalism!
I wonder: Do the Gullible Mind people also not believe in that conspiracy theory? Are all conspiracy theories automatically tossed out merely because of the word "conspiracy?"
For those who don't know their history, here's a list of 33 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true:
The Manhattan Project, of course, was a secret government conspiracy. The Tuskegee Syphilis experiments on African Americans was a secret medical conspiracy. Operation Northwoods was a conspiracy plot to create support for a war on Castro by staging terrorism events in U.S. cities.
These are all historical facts. They are indisputable. But to The Gullible Mind, none of this history exists. What's real is only what they are being told right now by the White House. When George Bush occupied the White House, the daily fibs were things like, "The Iraqis want us to occupy their land with military personnel because we are setting them free!" Oh yeah, that's a bit of twisted logic, for sure. But it's no different from Obama's version of the war fairytales, which includes such gems as, "We're only dropping humanitarian bombs on Libya." Or, "It's not actually war. It's only kinetic military action."
But you see, it makes no difference whether anything they say is actually true... at least not to The Gullible Mind, which believes there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory. There is no such thing as a nefarious government, either. Heck, when Columbus landed in the New World, his entire crew shared food and wine with the Native American Indians, we're told. There was no raping, no murder, no genocide. That's why we continue to celebrate Columbus Day every year! Because the Gullible Mind wants a reason to get off work for a day, even if it requires a complete revision of actual historical facts.
The most popular issues of Gullible Mind people
Vaccines are good for you - Vaccines are "safe and effective" merely because doctors and the CDC say they are, not because of any reliable scientific evidence.
The economy is in great shape - Gullible Mind people are easily influenced to stop thinking about the $14 trillion national debt that's growing by the day and simply go along with whatever economic fictions are being woven in Washington.
Governments and corporations are looking out for your best interests - The drug companies only want to find cures and make everybody healthy. The government is here to help. We should all stop asking questions and just do what we're told.
Nothing will ever run out - There's no such thing as Peak Oil. Our world can continue its throwaway economy without end, they believe. We'll never run out of gas, water, soil or natural resources. Keep using stuff up and throwing it all away!
Food additives are good for you - Otherwise, the FDA wouldn't have approved them, would they?
There's no such thing as a cure for cancer - The ultimate pessimists, the Gullible Mind crowd believes cancer has never been cured! And if a cancer cure did exist, we would know about it by now, right? (Because our scientists already know everything that's worth knowing, you see...)
Herbs and plants have no medicinal value - That's right, only conventional medicine can "treat" you, because that's what the doctors say. Herbs and plants have zero biological value beyond their calories alone, they insist.
... and on it goes, one delusion after another. A Gullible Mind, it seems, will believe almost anything if it comes from a "trusted" source. But that same Gullible Mind will discount straight-up facts if they don't come from those same trusted sources.
How to stop being a Gullible Mind
Interestingly, most of the people who are intelligent, skeptical thinkers today used to be Gullible Mind people at one time or another. There was a point where they simply "awakened" and began to consciously question the world around them.
Intelligent, informed skeptics are the people asking questions like:
• Why do twenty different mainstream news sources all report the exact same news, using the exact same words, on the exact same day? ( If they were all investigating and writing their own news, wouldn't their news be different?
• Why did Wall Street get a multi-trillion-dollar bailout from Washington while the American people are still required to pay taxes that involve sending money to Washington? If Washington can just magically create a trillion dollars overnight, why do we pay taxes, then?
• Why does the USDA now actively conspire with GMO seed companies to keep approving genetically modified seeds even without any scientific evidence of their long-term safety?
• If mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to modern science, why is it still being deliberately placed into the mouths of children in the form of "silver" fillings? And why are they called "silver" when they actually contain more mercury than silver?
• Where does the fluoride used to fluoridate the public water supplies really come from? ( And if fluoride is so good for people, then why is it so hazardous to handle, and why is it considered a hazardous chemical by the EPA?
• What really happened on 9/11? How did WTC 7 collapse if it was never hit by any airplanes? Why did they sweep away the rubble before a proper forensic analysis could be performed?
• Are vaccines really safe? Where's the study comparing vaccinated children with non-vaccinated children? Why won't the vaccine industry allow such studies to be conducted?
• Why does the cancer industry seem a lot more interested in treating cancer and recruiting cancer patients than actually curing cancer and ending the epidemic? Why does the industry refuse to talk about cancer-causing chemicals or the anti-cancer effects of vitamin D? Why did Dr Tullio Simoncini loose his license to practice medicine by curing cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate that has zero side effects?
• Why are toxic food additives still allowed in the food supply? What's the real story on aspartame and the FDA? Why did the FDA oppress stevia for so many decades? Why do dietitians still advise people NOT to take supplements, although we don’t get all needed nutrients from our foods, due to unnatural agricultural and processing of foods.
• Why is the medical police state now using guns to force parents to medicate their children? In what kind of medical system is it necessary to use the threat of violence to force compliance?
• Why did Clinton bomb the Sudan in the middle of the Monica Lewinsky crisis? Why did Obama suddenly announce the death of Bin Laden in the middle of his "birther" crisis?
• Why do we still have the DEA's "War on Drugs," especially since there is ample evidence that the war is a total failure that only increases the prison population while actually enriching the drug gangs with higher street prices?
• Why is the TSA still reaching down our pants at the airports if Bin Laden is now dead? Wasn't he the whole reason we created the TSA and hired on those 60,000 security agents in the first place? (
An intelligent, skeptical thinker would ask these questions (and many more) as a natural course of basic human curiosity. But a Gullible Mind, attacks the questioner for even daring to ask such questions.
Who are some of the awakened people?
That's why the Gullible Mind is more than merely gullible: It is a cowardly mind. It is afraid to ask questions on its own, and it simultaneously attacks those who have the courage to stand up and actually ask those questions (like Jesse Ventura).
Most members of the conventional press are, of course, cowardly minds. They almost universally buy the corporate spin (or the White House spin) and never ask any tough questions anymore. Some of the REAL heroes -- the people who are asking intelligent questions about our world -- include:
Alex Jones
Jeff Rense
Charlotte Gerson
Jonathan Landsman
David Icke
Jesse Ventura
Gerald Celente
Ron Paul
Robert Scott Bell
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Suzanne Somers
Dr. James Forsythe
George Noorey
Do you see a pattern here? Each one of these individuals has been marginalized or viciously attacked and slandered simply because they chose to ask intelligent questions about the world around them. Now, I don't agree with every single thing said by each one of these people, but I admire each of them for having the courage to ask the questions that need to be asked if we are to move forward as a society (and civilization).
These kind of people represent the complete opposite of The Gullible Mind. They are, instead, the "true skeptics" of the world. The reason they are viciously attacked is because our world is so steeped in deceit and conspiracy that only Gullible Minds are tolerated. Those who question the status quo are not merely annoying to the powers that be, but actually dangerous because the most dangerous activity in which you can engage today is helping others awaken to what's really happening around them.
It is that "awakening" that is so utterly despised by the web of corporations, governments and media lackeys that they will do everything in their power to prevent any sort of awakening from taking place at all. The functioning of the Matrix, after all, depends on people believing in the illusion.
And it is so much easier to govern, of course, if people just believe whatever you tell them. Gullible Minds make great voters and willing slaves. But lousy company.
In the end then, The Truth is Stranger than the Lie...


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