15 October 2012

There is something about boys and splinters...

by Christo Lues

Being a parent brings many, sometimes unexpected, challenges your way. If you don’t know what to do in a crisis situation, you can end up spending mega money, and putting yourself through a LOT of pain, and drama.

There is something about boys and splinters.
A week or so ago my 4yr old came crying into the house, he had a splinter in his foot. We have been through the drill many times before. Linnie sprayed Silvermax to clean the area, brothers and sisters gave some Rescue and Injura to calm their little brother down. One fetched a bright torch and a needle. In seconds the splinter would be removed by mother’s trained hand. Only this time it was not so simple. Linnie tried and tried, Danny cried and eventually Linnie had to give up. The splinter was too deep, and getting it out was just hurting too much!

What’s next? Well wait till dad gets home, maybe he has a better plan? Or take him to the Emergency room?

We are all for natural, so when I arrived home I took one look at it, and with the cheeks still red from crying I did not even touch the area. I put some Traumeel S ointment on a band-aid and left it. I stared giving Tissue Salt #12 (Silica) immediately, and added Traumeel S pills as it was very sore on the little foot.

We kept giving the Silica every hour when he was awake, and I thought it would take about 5 days for the splinter to pop out, but I was wrong...! 

Three days after he got the splinter he complained that the band aid kept popping off. When Linnie had a look, this was what she found.

The Silica had literally expelled the splinter and half of it was sticking out, with minimal inflammation. All that remained was to pull it out and put some Traumeel S on to heal the wound a little faster. Danny was healed!

Silica is a remarkable substance.

Silica is reputed to remove splinters and foreign objects – literally any foreign body from anywhere in the body may be expelled. Silica is a slow-acting yet profound remedy in that it’s key functions are as a toxin eliminator and cell cleanser - it is known as the homeopathic surgeon.

Silica may also open up old wounds if there is scarring or embedded foreign objects, so new healing can occur after the foreign body has been expelled. This may also be old infection which has not quite cured. Silica must be used with care in cases of silicosis where old miners or stonemasons may have dust or bits of debris locked into their lungs. Also beware of pacemakers – it may be safer not to use this remedy as it may expel the object. Also beware of contraceptive coils, dental fillings and artificial hips etc!

It is common place in homeopathy for the body to eject unwanted or foreign parts!
Silica is renowned for helping in situations that have never been well since vaccinations, as these represent a foreign body, especially vaccinations of protein substances. This remedy is also a specific for people who have never been well since the suppression of sweat, especially breast cancers where underarm antiperspirant has been used extensively or where cold water or cooling the body is used to stop sweat.

But be careful, it will even expel breast implants, if used continuously.

This remedy is used to treat abscesses, especially recurrent abscesses, boils, carbuncles, wounds that are infected or won’t heal, lumps, nodules, cysts, fibroids, warty growths, moist eruptions, pimples and pustules. 

One last story.

CJ my oldest son, once rode a horse for someone else. The horse poked it’s one eye when it ate from a hay-net, injuring the eye terribly. I immediately offered help to get the eye better by giving the horse silica and Silvermax to stop infection. The owner of the horse deemed the vets advice better and gave the horse various shots of antibiotics. After two weeks the eye was not getting better and the horse could not see anything out the eye.

Finally they decided to try the remedies I suggested. Within 2 days, the eye started going clear, and on the 4th day the horse could see and be worked as normal.
You may wonder how much you need to give a horse, as it is such a huge animal. Well thats the wonder of homeopathic medicine, you can give the same dose as you would for humans. Its not the amount you give, its how often you give it that makes it really potent. So if it’s an acute condition, give the medicine often, like every 30 mins or every hour, but as the symptoms lift, give it less often, maybe 4 times a day.

Till next time.


  1. Great story thanks! What potency was the silica tissue salts? Are they all 6X?

  2. Thank you very much for posting this. My 4yo daughter has a splinter that she's scared of me taking out. I've been giving her silica, but to no effect. I see now that I'm not giving it often enough. I will up the frequency tomorrow!! I just did a search to find out if it *does* work... and thanks to your post, I'm happy to learn that what I read in Margaret Roberts's book is correct.

  3. Can you please tell me the dose you gave the 6x? was it 4 tablets every hour? I am trying to get glass out of my feet.



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