31 August 2009

Vaccination Debate

As many of you may know, we are very much against Vaccinations. In my continued research about this and many other subjects I have come across this excellent web site about vaccinations. I want to encourage you to visit it, read it and send it on to your friends. This may save many, many lives. Read more here...

06 August 2009

Swine Flue, what to do, naturally

Is the "Swine Flu" getting out of hand?

Let me start by saying that bad news sells very well. It is therefore no surprise that the media is overly eager to ride the swine flu wave. I hear of many different letters and e-mails doing the rounds, warning people against basically each and every possible symptom from a runny nose to a fever to fowl smelling flatulence!
Basically what they are saying is: Be very afraid, panic, run to the doctor, get any possible vaccination, as fast as possible. Let me give you an example. We have just learnt of the first South African death of swine flu, its HEAD LINE NEWS! If you study the report, however, it’s clear that it’s unclear why Ruan Müller (22) died, as the internist who treated him does not contribute his death to swine flue. The MEDIA however states it as fact, that swine flu was the cause of his death and thus further fuels the fear of the masses, and the sales of “flu shots” and chemical pills… (Read why a recent study warns against taking Tamiflu)

What makes this flu different from other flu pandemics in the past, is the out of proportion media coverage. Government warnings, WHO warnings etc, etc. Although there are many views on the origin of the swine flu, from unexplainable mutation from 3 different flues, to suggestions that the only possible way it could have originated is in the lab, the fact remains that it’s a bug. I do not want to go into the motives, politics and economics behind the a so called global pandemic, I simply want to give you a few guide lines as how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

If you have seen my DVD Understanding the Health Puzzle, you would know that there are two schools of thought.

The first, and the one that the “scientifically educated” community holds dear, is the bug theory. The bug theory basically states that, in order to be healthy, we need to exterminate the bug. BE sterile! And if you get sick, from the bug, take a substance to kill the bug, and whatever else comes in the way. Hence we suffer from a large range of side effects caused by these wonder bug killing drugs. You may ask but I rather want to be on the safe side, and take the vaccination. Although I do understand this concern, it’s crucial that you look at what you are actually injecting yourself with, and the dangers associated with this.

The second school of thought asks the question: Why is it that we do not all get sick from the same bug? Most people would know the answer to that! Maybe the people that do not get it have a stronger immune system, and they are 100% correct!
My question is, well if people with the stronger immune system do not get sick, or at least not as severely ill from it, then why focus on killing the bug. Would it not be more sensible to boost everybody’s immune system then?

That is exactly what we do in natural medicine.
I am going to give you a few remedies that help the body fight off pathogens, NO MATTER WHAT KIND it is. Remember we had the bird flu, avian flu and now we have the swine flu. Next year we will have some other wonderfully cooked up super bug, the remedy stays the same, feed your immune system!

First, it’s important to make sure your pH is alkaline, read more here…

To further boost the immune system and to make your cells strong so that pathogens find it more difficult to penetrate the cell wall, take your omega 3 oil. The best one I can recommend is Omega SLO. This contains Squaline (very benificial when taken as a supplement - do not confuse this with injected squaline) and Alkoxyglycerols to further strengthen the cells, as well as the body’s hormonal responses.

Extra Vitamin C with added bioflavonoids is VERY important. Preventatively take 2000mg – 3000mg per day. If you do get a cold, up the dosage to 1000mg every hour. The dosage can be adjusted for children. To know when you have reached your saturation level for vitamin C, look for more than usual flatulence or loose bowels. If this happens, simply lower your intake of C for a while. I suggest taking buffered vitamin C with Bioflavonoids.

There are a number of herbs that boosts the immune system. These can be used preventatively. Some of these herbs include , Olive Leaf, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Cat’s Claw, Elderberry, Garlic, Onion, and many, many more. You can take combinations of these that are available or as single herbs. Herbs are available in capsule form, drops or just the raw herb that can be brewed into a tea. It’s hard to find a herb that does not have an immune boosting effect or an anti-microbial property. These have been used for centuries or longer, and have been proven over many years as effective. We also have a premixed remedy called Fight factor. We have been using Fight Factor in combination with vitamin C for many years.

Another great remedy is Silvermax. Silvermax is a very special and potent form of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has been used for decades against pathogens and to strengthen the immune system. Silvermax comes in a glass bottle with a spray top. Spray it as often as possible in the mouth. It’s also a great remedy taking with you when travelling, specially on aeroplanes.
It’s very good to use antioxidants on a daily basis. Anti oxidants protect you against harmful toxins that you ingest on a daily basis. Here we suggest Activ 8, as the widest spectrum antioxidant and most active, that we have ever come across.

One thing to be careful of is taking un-natural (chemical) cough remedies. At the back of your throat there is a valve, called the epiglottis, that stops anything but air going into your lungs. When mucus forms a post nasal drip, the mucus irritates this valve. Once it senses the irritation, it reacts by sending a burst of air from the lungs up the throat to blast the mucus away. This is called a cough. When you take a “soothing” chemical cough remedy, it deactivates this valve’s action and the mucus can now potentially run into your lungs, causing a far more serious infection called pneumonia.
A great natural cough mixture can be made at home by mixing equal parts Honey, Garlic, Ginger and Brandy. Take a spoon every hour. This is also an expectorant, meaning it will expel mucus.
You may also choose some homeopathic couch remedies like Bronchalis Heel or Husteel or Drosera Homaccord, or Cetralin.

Fever is another scare word, and has to be fought as fiercely as possible, or so you are told. When the body raises it’s temperature, its busy FIGHTING invasion of some sort. This could be a virus. It raises the temperature in order to keep the virus at bay, while making anti-bodies against the invading virus. The virus cannot multiply as fast at a higher body temperature.

When you take an anti-pyretic drug (fever medicine) you short out the body’s natural defence mechanism. You may feel immediate relief, BUT will now take much longer to heal.
The next question I get is: “but what if my child gets convulsions from running a temperature?” Although this RARELY happens, its good to be on the safe side.

We often use Viburcol suppositories from Heel. It’s homeopathic and completely safe. It contains natural substances that will help control fever naturally while also calming down your child. Clinical studies have shown it to be no less effective than paracetamol, but without any of the dangerous side effects. Other remedies include, Fever from Natura and the tissue salt Ferrum Phos. We often give Engystol at the first sign of a fever.

As far as diet is concerned, stay away from wheat products, dairy products and sugar or sugar containing drinks or food. These place a heavy load on the immune system and makes it more difficult for your body to heal.
When there is some sunshine, take off your shirt and absorb the sunlight through your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes every day. Contrary to popular scare tactics, the Sun is actually your friend, not your enemy. DO NOT PUT ON ANY SUN BLOCK. The sun produces vitamin D in your body. The scientifically studied benefits of vitamin D range from cancer fighting to preventing osteoporosis! Let the children play outside in the sun and let them get fresh air.

Last but certainly not least, take your multi vitamins and other supplements regularly. Eat fresh raw organic vegetables and some fruit. Make sure to get good quality proteins like organic meat, egg and chicken. Drink a lot of fresh clean water daily. You can read more about water here.

20 June 2009

Are you BLIND to healing, Naturally

I have composed this from what I have experienced over the years. If you recognize yourself in some of these, I encourage you to look at the facts, and by the grace of God, make a mind shift. So here we go…

I have tried all the natural products and nothing works (been there done that)
Although you may have tried a lot of products, it would be physically impossible to try every health product on the market – there are simply too many on planet earth.
What may have happened, is that you have tried various different remedies that did not work, and thus (with good cause) have lost confidence in natural products. If we investigate the FACTS a little closer we can usually determine what you have used, and why it did not work.
The problem with this kind of attitude is that, if the solution finally came along, you would probably miss it due to this attitude.
FACT: The body is a biological being, and needs the correct natural nutrients to function properly. Supply it, and the body heals.

I don’t believe in natural medicine.
I think it’s very good to be a sceptic. A sceptic is someone who doesn't fully trust or accept an answer or solution without proper verifiable supportive facts. In plain English this means that you don’t just trust blindly, but need to see some backup for claims that are being made, before making a decision. If a sceptic is however presented with these verifiable supportive facts he/she changes their stance. “If the facts change, I change.”
Sadly, this is seldom the case.
Many people, when confronted with facts, choose to not accept hard facts and choose to follow their old ways, I call them disbelievers. A disbeliever is then someone who makes choices based on illogical emotions, beliefs or preconceived ideas, but not facts. In fact about 89% of people fall into this category, only about 11% of people make their choices, based on facts.

This is of cause very important, as this may be a great help or stumbling block in the outcome of a healing process, which is dependant on what you base your decision making process.
FACT: Belief has nothing to do with it. You only need to believe in something that has not been proven.

My Doctor says it’s never been proven scientifically.
Real science tells us to make observations, then make certain deductions, form a hypothesis which is then tested by many different people, before we can form a theory. For the theory to become a law, it has to be verified by countless confirmations over a very long period of time. All that is needed to disprove the law is one counter example. For this reason science never “proofs” anything. It simply states a tendency in which nature reacts.
So then, if we look at some facts behind the good doctors words:
If your doctor studied biology – and we hope he did…. (As medicine is all about how cells in the human body works) then he would have learnt that EVERY single enzymatic pathway in the body requires either a mineral or a vitamin or a fat to work properly.

It is further interesting to note that, annually, more than a million medical papers are published, of which a significant amount is focused on the interaction of natural substances like vitamins, herbs, minerals and fats. In an era of knowledge explosion, it is impossible to keep up with new studies of just natural substances, especially if your waiting room is full of people waiting for you to simply “relieve a symptom”. It is therefore evident that your doctor who brushes off a natural remedy for being “unscientific” is himself being unscientific, as he has not (scientifically) considered the facts – for what ever biased reason.

One would therefore think that when one of your biological processes stop functioning properly that it would be a logical place to start looking for a possible cause, (like a missing biological building block) rather than rushing to a chemical substance.
FACT: The science of natural medicine is well founded on solid scientific facts. It is up to the health practitioner to apply it correctly to your benefit.
FACT: What your doctor holds deer as scientific has provided the world with, to name but one, Vioxx. (Source: Wikipedia)
Rofecoxib is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (
NSAID) marketed by Merck & Co. to treat osteoarthritis, acute pain conditions, and dysmenorrhoea. Rofecoxib was approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on May 20, 1999, and was subsequently marketed under the brand name Vioxx, Ceoxx and Ceeoxx.
Rofecoxib gained widespread acceptance among physicians treating patients with arthritis and other conditions causing chronic or acute pain. Worldwide, over 80 million people were prescribed rofecoxib at some time
On September 30, 2004, Merck voluntarily withdrew rofecoxib from the market because of concerns about increased risk of heart attack and stroke associated with long-term, high-dosage use. Rofecoxib was one of the most widely used drugs ever to be withdrawn from the market. In the year before withdrawal, Merck had sales revenue of US$2.5 billion from Vioxx.

Fabricated efficacy studies
On March 11, 2009,
Scott S. Reuben, former chief of acute pain at Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass., revealed that data for 21 studies he had authored for the efficacy of the drug (along with others such as celecoxib) had been fabricated in order to augment the analgesic effects of the drugs. Dr. Reuben was also a former paid spokesperson for the drug company Pfizer. The retracted studies were not submitted to either the FDA or the European Union's regulatory agencies prior to the drugs approval. Drug manufacturer Merck had no comment on the disclosure.
In addition to its own studies, on September 23, 2004 Merck apparently received information about new research by the FDA that supported previous findings of increased risk of heart attack among rofecoxib users (Grassley, 2004). FDA analysts estimated that Vioxx caused between 88,000 and 139,000 heart attacks, 30 to 40 percent of which were probably fatal, in the five years the drug was on the market.

“So much for what modern medicine considders as scientific”

My doctor says that Vitamin pills simply produce expensive urine.
I drink water and go to the loo quite often; does that mean I should not drink water? Of cause not! The fact that my body excretes water does not mean it did not fulfil a vital function in the body. The same goes for any food supplement.
FACT: Following a healthy supplementing regime is like providing your body with a healthy buffet of micro nutrients. The body gets to choose how much of each nutrient it needs, and discards the rest. This is what makes the body function, weather it’s food, water or a food supplement you take in.

The dietician warned that I should not take any supplements, as I get everything in my diet, as long as I follow a balanced diet.
I always explain that if the farmer did not put it in the soil, it’s not in the plant, no matter what the text book (from the USA) states. And the problem is that a scientific analysis of our mass agricultural over farmed soils indicate that the soil is heavily depleted from micronutrients. The farmers, simply take out way more from the soil, than what is put back. Further more, a constant spraying of chemicals on produce, reduce the micro-organisms in the soil. These micro organisms help feed the plant and convert some of the nutrients in soil for plant usage.
FACT: We need food supplements due to a lack of essential nutrients in the foods we consume as a result of chemical mass agriculture, often prolonged cold storage and over processing of food.

My Doctor says I should avoid taking any vitamins while on his treatment.
I often hear people say that they are on a blood thinning medication or that blood pressure pill or special cancer treatment and that they cannot take anything!
Did your doctor tell you to stop eating then? Unlike chemical preparations, natural supplements are simply FOOD. We take it because we are missing out on it in our modern diet. Although food supplements can be very potent, it is generally impossible for a food supplement to interfere with a chemical preparation, due to the overriding effect an unnatural chemical has in your body.
FACT: At most, a food supplement will enhance your body. If you have doubts about taking a natural food supplement alongside an unnatural chemical, ask a competent natural health practitioner for advice.

My Doctor says that I can eat what I like; diet plays no role in my disease.
I often hear this, which is another contradiction, from the good doctor. If food has no influence on my condition why should I then avoid taking vitamin pills which, as I explained, is simply food in a capsule? Why would garlic when eaten raw be ok, but suddenly become dangerous, or simply be excreted in urine, when dried and ground up and put in a capsule?

FACT: Any food and therefore micro nutrients that we eat, has a DIRECT influence on our health. We are what we eat, or don’t eat!
Diet has a direct impact on conditions like, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, breast milk to babies, sinusitis, asthma and every conceivable disease on earth.
It would be like telling a pilot of a fighter jet, that the kind of fuel he fills up, has no impact on the jet’s performance, as long as it’s flammable. Such an idea is inconceivable! How much more inconceivable (let alone un scientific) to think that food has no impact on a biological mechanism that is arguably the most complex being ever designed – the human body.

Everyone says their products are the best – what makes yours special? I just don’t believe any one.
This is probably the MOST frustrating thing for anyone trying to buy a good quality supplement – and for a retailer. Not a week goes past that we do not get a rep into the shop, trying to sell us the best in the west…
Over the years we have seen many, many products come, go and a few stay. As marketing can be very deceiving one needs to look at a few technical details. Here are a few:
1. The best packaging is in glass – NOT plastic. So if the “best product” comes in a plastic container, be weary.
2. Look for the “fine print” called the Ingredients. This is not the run down of the mg of certain vitamins, herbs or minerals a product contains. The ingredients list tells you what is actually in the tablet you are about to swallow. Avoid things like, Talcum, parabens, magnesium steareate, sucrose, glucose, fructose and the like. We call these the “gratis extras”

3. If it’s part of a MLM scheme, it is always overpriced for what you are getting. They will almost always tell you that there is simply no other product available like this (the agents are well trained to answer your immediate responses, AND they depend on your enrolling for their commission – stay away)
4. Preservatives. If a product contains any chemical preservative – stay away. We had a case where a well known “organic” facial range were offered to us. There were no indications as to it containing preservatives. On further inquiry we found out that it contained no less than two chemical preservatives! There would be no way, you as the consumer would know this, unless you were made aware of it by an honest retailer. You may choose to use it, but we don’t stock it. There are simply better alternatives.
5. Always go for a capsule, rather than a tablet. In order to get the ingredients into a tablet form the manufacturer uses a range of anti-caking, free flowing, filling or binding agents. You don’t want to swallow it. Capsules, generally, are free from these.

I cannot afford your products
It’s always nice to know how people come to this conclusion. Good quality products cost money. If you think R200 is a lot for a product that meets very stringent criteria, some of which I have described above, then consider the alternative. My father in law contracted cancer, took chemo, radiation and surgery. He had hell for 5 years and died. The total cost, just over 1Million Rand! Now that’s a bad deal!
A good metabolic recovery program would not have been 10% of that, and he may still have been alive, or at least have had a better last few years in quality of life. Unfortunately the medical aid usually does not pay for food in a capsule form. So you may be forced to change a few priorities in your life, in order to afford good health. Do it, it’s a small price to pay.
There is a saying: “People spend their health to gain wealth, then want to spend their wealth to buy back health, unfortunately it is often too late”

I cannot eat like this – I want to enjoy my life.
This is the same illogical reasoning that saying; I like to drive fast; I don’t like adhering to the speed limit. You may get away with it for a while, but it always catches up with you in the long run. It’s a law of nature.
I often find that people have a skewed perception of healthy eating. Something like, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, vial tasting tofo topped with a healthy shot of green juice.
Although some may consider this to be healthy, the facts reveal something quite different. There are obvious really bad things that needs to be avoided, but there is a wonderful (mostly undiscovered) world top quality meat, fish, grains, organic vegetables, water and wine that builds your body, rather than placing a constant load on your system.

I will ask my doctor before I take these supplements
Considering the facts about doctors and their unscientific approach to metabolic therapy, would you say they are generally qualified to give you a well informed, well considered opinion on metabolic supportive food supplements? I don’t think so. They would generally brush it aside with a single derogative statement of arrogance, to hide their deep seated ignorance regarding scientifically verified natural remedies and vested financial interest in pharmacological products. They would then further present their (dangerous and expensive) pharmaceutical concoctions as the only real option.

I was told by my doctor that my illness is incurable, so I will just have to live with it.
It always amazes me how a doctor or clinic nurse gets people to buy into accepting a disease as their own, for life. Their illness becomes like a pet. They accept blindly what the so called authority on the subject says. Like a life sentence.

This reminds me of what happens when someone is ‘healthy’ and go to the doctor, only to find out that they have some terminal disease, that will not let them live past 2 months. Two months later the ‘patient’ who believed the authority is dead from the terminal disease. Three months later, however, it’s discovered that the doctor had the records mixed up. The Healthy guy is dead and the terminally ill guy is still alive, 3 years later.

If people come to me with the “life sentence” story, I always ask: “So, were you born with it?” the obvious answer is, no. Well then you must have developed it over time, due to some metabolic shortage or imbalance, and in that case, given the correct missing nutrients your body will revert back to normal.

I have a hereditary illness, so there is nothing I can do to make it better.
Genetics are often blamed when the doctor cannot determine the cause of a disease. “It’s genetic” is like saying “I have no clue where this comes from”
Although genetics play a vital role in your health, I have very rarely seen it as the real cause of a problem.
Contrary to popular belief, genes can be switched on or off. We often see this in babies, who produce an enzyme to digest milk. As they grow up, the gene switches off, and the enzyme production seizes. They, however continue consuming dairy products, and develop sinus, eczema, asthma and other “genetic” illnesses.
So many times people are on toxic drugs for life, when it’s simply inappropriate. Given the correct metabolic support, they can usually be helped very successfully.

24 May 2009

Is jy te suur?

Soos baie ander dinge in die lewe, word ons gesondheid ook deur ʼn paar grondbeginsels onderhou. Ons Skeppergod, het toe Hy ons liggame gemaak het, bepaal dat ons aan sekere beginsels onderwerp sou wees. Ons moet bv. voedsame kos en water inneem, genoeg oefening en rus kry anders neem die funksies van ons liggame doodgewoon af en sterf ons, dalk voordat ons die taak wat Hy ons opgelê het, kon voltooi.

In opvolgende artikels sal ons in diepte kyk na die kwaliteit en hoeveelheid water wat ons liggame nodig het, ook watter soorte moderne kossoorte probleme in ons liggame mag veroorsaak en hoe ons dit met uitstekende alternatiewe kan vervang. Ek kry gereeld vra oor hoe mens regtig seker kan wees dat jy gesond leef , is daar dan nie ʼn manier wat mens kan gebruik om te bepaal hoe gesond jy regtig is nie, of leef jy maar net voort en hoop vir die beste?

Baie van die moderne mediese wetenskap is egter beperk tot die behandeling van ʼn siektestoestand, nie die voorkoming daarvan nie. Daar is bv. meer as die helfte van mense wat in die hospitaal beland met aangepakte are, wie se cholesterol vlakke normaal is. Dit beteken dood eenvoudig dat die groot geveg teen cholesterol nie so effektief is as wat ons wysgemaak word nie, iets anders is ʼn belangriker faktor in die aanpaksels in ons are – meer hieroor op ʼn volgende keer.

Jou dokter en polisieman is goeie ouens om byderhand te hê wanneer ʼn noodsituasie onstaan. Maar net soos die polisieman maar min kan doen voordat ʼn misdaad gepleeg is, kan jou dokter min doen aan jou gesondheid voordat ʼn simptoom kop uitsteek. In baie gevalle is dit dan reeds te laat. By vyftig persent van vroue, met hart probleme, is die eerste simptoom, wanneer hulle dood neerval – sonder enige vroeëre waarskuwing of simptome!

Die moderne manier van siektes behandel is om te wag tot ʼn simptoom voorkom en om dan daardie simptoom te probeer onderdruk deur behandeling. Neem bv. ʼn hoofpyn wat behandel word deur ʼn hoofpynpil te neem. Die hoofpyn is egter selde ʼn toestand in dit self, dis veel eerder ʼn waarskuwings sein van die liggaam dat iets onderliggend fout is. Maar as ons die hoofpyn behandel het, deur dit te onderdruk, voel ons, ons was suksesvol. Die onderliggende probleem is egter steeds daar en soek slegs na ʼn volgende manier om jou te laat weet dat daar ʼn probleem bestaan.
Sien, ʼn simptoom onstaan in ʼn sekere sisteem (bv. die spysverterings stelsel). Sisteme bestaan uit spesifieke organe (bv. die maag of die kolon. Organe bestaan uit weefsel en die weefsel bestaan weer uit selle.
Wanneer ons dus ʼn simptoom soos ʼn hoofpyn behandel, gee ons bloot die liggaam ʼn chemikalie wat die orgaan binne in ʼn spesifieke sisteem vir ʼn tydjie buite aksie stel en jou op die oppervlak beter laat voel. Die onderliggende weefsel en selle is egter steeds ongesond, en wanneer die orgaan dan weer begin lewe voel, kom die simptoom weer na vore. Dit raak dan ʼn bose kringloop totdat ons genoeg van die orgaan gehad het en dit laat uitsny – wat steeds nie die probleem oplos nie, aangesien God dit daar geplaas het vir ʼn baie spesifieke rede, en dit kan nie nou meer vervul word nie.
Ek sien gereeld mense wat sommer ʼn lys chemiese pille neem. Een vir bloeddruk, een vir cholesterol, een vir diabetes en dan voel hulle so depressief dat ʼn antidepressant en slaappil ook nodig is. Hierdie konkoksie laat die kolon dan gaan stil staan, en daarvoor gebruik hulle dan ʼn gewoontevormende lakseer middel. So dink hulle dan het hulle al die simptome goed behandel...

Wel, daar is maniere om te weet of jy gesond is en hoe gesond jy regtig is.
Die eerste plek om te begin is om te verstaan dat as jou liggaam uit gesonde selle bestaan, sal hulle gesonde weefsel bou. Gesonde weefsel sal dan gesonde organe vorm. Gesonde organe vorm dan gesonde sisteme, en wanneer sisteme gesond en optimaal funksioneer, kom simptome nie voor nie.
Die vraag is dan, hoe weet jy dat jou selle gesond of ongesond is?
Gesonde selle word gevoed deur mikro nutriënte, waarvan ons daagliks sommer ʼn hele klomp benodig waaronder; 72 spoor minerale, 26 Vitamiene, 21 Aminosure, 2 Essensiële vetsure, 8 suikers, antioksidante en nog meer. Omdat ons moderne kos ons nie meer van baie van hierdie voedingstowwe kan voorsien nie moet ons dit gewoonlik in een of ander soort aanvulling inneem. Hieroor sal ons op ʼn volgende keer gesels.
Wat egter baie meer fundamenteel is, is dat ons hierdie mikro voedingstowwe moet kan absorbeer, tot in die selle, wat dit nodig het om korrek te funksioneer, en dan begin om gesonde weefsel te bou, wat op hul beurt weer gesonde organe bou en so voorts totdat ons werklik gesond is.

Die sentrale faktor in jou liggaam wat bepaal of voedingstowwe opgeneem word of nie, is iets wat ons jou pH noem. Dit is doodgewoon ʼn aanduiding van hoe suur of alkalies jou liggaam is. Ek moet dadelik noem dat baie mense dit verkeerdelik met maagsuur en sooibrand verbind, nee die suur of alkali waarvan ek hier praat is die soort ding wat kan veroorsaak dat jy seer spiere of seer gewrigte of talle ander siektes ontwikkel.
Vergelyk dit met jou swembad. As die pH balans van jou swembad te suur is, gewoonlik onder 7 dan begin dinge skeef loop. Alge en ander goggas begin groei, die water raak troebel en kan later begin sleg ruik. Wanneer die pH egter bo 7 is, gewoonlik 7.2, is dit alkalies en kan hierdie soort goggas nie groei nie en geniet almal die plesier van skoon helder blou water.

Dit werk baie dieselfde in jou liggaam. Wanneer die pH te suur is kan goggas soos bakterie en ander begin groei en siektestoestande begin ontwikkel. Hierdie suur pH in ons liggame is dan ook die mees belangrike faktor wat bepaal of ons voedingstowwe die selle bereik, al dan nie. Ons kan die pH meet deur ʼn eenvoudige speeksel toets te doen met ʼn stukkie litmus papier. Wanneer die litmus papier met die speeksel in aanraking kom verander dit van kleur na gelang van ons pH. Gewoonlik word die papiertjie meer geel of groen as ons suur is of blou as ons pH alkalies is. Die pH van ons speeksel verteenwoordig die pH van ʼn belangrike oordrag vloeistof tussen ons bloedvaatjies en ons selle, en die pH hiervan behoort ʼn ideaal van 7.5 te handhaaf. Indien die pH onder 7 is kan oordrag van ons mikro voedingstowwe nie effektief plaasvind nie en word ons weefsel selle siek as gevolg van te min kos, en dan begin die proses van ongesonde organe ens. weer van voor af.

In die allerdaagse lewe is daar sommer baie dinge wat kan maak dat ons te suur is. Die grootste hiervan is dit wat ons verkeerd eet en drink. Hierdie is die verfynde of geprosesseerde kosse of kosse of koeldrank wat belaai is met suiker of ander suur vormende bestanddele en wat gewoonlik gestroop is van goeie voedingstowwe.
Soos wat ek in ʼn ander artikel verduidelik het is dit van kardinale belang dat ons water moet inneem wat genoeg minerale bevat en waarvan die pH meer alkalies van aard is. Hierdie is een van die beste maniere om te verseker dat ons pH aan die alkaliese kant van sake bly.

Om die kolon nie skoon en gereeld te ledig nie, is seker een van die grootste faktore wat meeste mense wat ek sien kortwiek. Wanneer ons die kolon nie ten minste twee maal per dag ledig nie, kan van die voedselreste wat te lank in die kolon bly begin afbreek in giftige produkte. Hierdie produkte word dan opgeneem in die stelsel en veroorsaak dat die stelsel se pH meer en meer suur word.
Een van die beste maniere om die kolon aan die gang te kry is om daagliks 2 eetlepels lyn saad in ʼn groot glas water te neem. Dit gee die baie nodige vesel aan die kolon om sy ontgiftings en uitskeidings taak effektief te verrig. Dit spreek van self dat ʼn dieet wat genoeg, gesonde vesel bevat sake net kan verbeter. Soos ek in ʼn ander artikel genoem het is genoeg goeie kwaliteit water van uiterse belang wanneer vesel ingeneem word anders kan die hoë vesel teen produktief wees as dit in die kolon vassteek omdat daar te min vloeistof is om gladde beweging te verseker.

Spreuke 14:30 “’n Rustige hart is die lewe vir die vlees, maar hartstog ’n verrotting vir die gebeente.”
Wanneer ʼn mens te veel stres of spanning beleef, of wanneer ʼn mens in onvergewende bitterheid leef , word jy suur. As jy suur word en nie die nodige alkaliese water en voedsel inneem nie, neem jou liggaam kalsium uit jou bene om te keer dat jy dadelik sterf. As die situasie dan lank voortduur, word massas minerale uit jou bene onttrek, en ontstaan osteoporose of een of meer van ʼn reeks degeneratiewe soort siektes.

Om gesond te wees is en te bly, is dit dus baie belangrik dat jy sorg dat jy gesonde selle het. Gesonde selle het mikro voedingstowwe nodig en kan dit slegs opneem as jou pH alkalies is en die ideaal is om jou speeksel se pH by 7.5 te hou.

My gebed is dat hierdie jou sal help om ’n rustige hart te hê en dat dit lewe vir jou vlees sal wees, sodat jy jou Godgegewe roeping op aarde tot eer van ons Vader kan uitleef.

05 April 2009

Are you dangerously obedient?

This may seem like a strange question, as we are always taught to be obedient to authority.
It has been a longstanding question in my mind, why some people would accept the truth about their health, take action and heal themselves; where as other people would hear the truth, understand it but then go back to the doctor for continued unfruitful treatments.

The Milgram experiments from the early 1960's are classic (but shocking) studies that demonstrated the "sheeple-ness" of people everywhere. In the experiments -- which have been replicated numerous times across multiple cultures, races and age ranges -- subjects willingly engaged in administering extremely painful electric shocks to other human beings for no reason other than the fact they were ordered to do so by an apparent authority figure.

These studies have long demonstrated the "do what I'm told" mentality of approximately 70 percent of the population. Only 30 percent of the study subjects refused to torture fellow human beings when so ordered.

Now, this famous study has been replicated at Santa Clara University in California. It's important to understand that in none of these studies were humans actually being tortured or given electric shocks, but the study subjects believed they were administering such torture because the apparent recipients of the electric shocks were actors who screamed in pain to coincide with the apparent delivery of the electric shocks.

The true "subjects" of the study were actually the people recruited to administer the electric shocks. But as is common in many psychological experiments, they were told they were simply taking part in the study of the other person (the person being shocked), and they had to administer electric shocks to that person if they answered questions incorrectly. Meanwhile, the study "enforcer" (one of the true researchers running the whole thing) would command the administration of such electric shocks at increasingly painful levels, starting at low voltage and increasing the voltage well beyond 150 volts (which can be lethal).

There's another fascinating element to all this: Virtually everyone thinks they would never administer the electric shocks if they took part in the Milgram experiments. But when faced with the aggressive verbal demands of the researcher, they give in and punch the shock button anyway. The study reveals that only 30% of people, from all walks of life, would not administer the torture and that 70% would!

In my experience, this is exactly what happens when people visit me for a health consultation. I would explain to them, in understandable logic, why un-natural medicine fails massively at curing their diseased body, yet once they have been verbally abused and overwhelmed with scientific sounding medical jargon, they revert back to the “obedient state”, of cause much to their own determent and often physical demise.

I often hear:
“Thanks for explaining everything so simple, but I will have to ask my doctor’s permission to use these (food-supplements)”

You can show people the “Sceintific medical studies” on the ineffectiveness of for instance Statins (Cholesterol lowering medicine) versus Omega 3 Oils, but they will still want their doctor to OK it. The doctor of cause does not get a kick back from prescribing omega 3 oils, thus making it very difficult for him to understand the dangers of using chemical “medicine”.

You may think that you are not that stupid, and would never make such a foolish decision, well, have you considered the following:

Your doctor will tell you that using the contraceptive pill, IUD, Hormone Replacement Therapy or sterilization is 100% safe.
Yet, when confronted with facts like, it causes breast cancer, cervical cancer, endometriosis, weight gain, loss of libido, strokes, heart failure and the rest, do you stop using it? (When asked about these, your trustworthy doctor obviously denounce these as negligible)

Your doctor, clinic sister, school, and friends will tell you that vaccinating your child against “dangerous” diseases is 100% safe.
When confronted with the facts about the diseases it causes like, autism, juvenile diabetes, childhood cancers and the like, would you administering it? (When asked about these, your trustworthy doctor obviously denounce these as negligible, although we have an epidemic of these diseases on hand)

When you develop cancer (with modern life style, your chances could be as high as 1 in 4), your doctor will claim that chemo therapy, radiation and surgery is the only way out, and is 50% effective.
When confronted with the true facts behind how the pharmaceutical industry mix and match statistics to conjure up the wonderful effectiveness about the suggested chemo therapy, and that in actual fact it’s less than 4% effective, would you consider the natural alternative with no side effects? Or would you somehow convince yourself that it’s a matter of life and death, and that your doctor has your best interest at heart, and therefore his treatment must work?

These are just a few examples of how we become mindlessly obedient to the authorities in white coats with stethoscopes around the neck speaking a secret language that ordinary people do not comprehend.

Case in point: A lady phones me in a terrible state. She has been sick for years with lung problems, the medical fraternity could not find out what was wrong. After years she went to a new doctor that was able to diagnose her illness (that’s the good news) for which there is no cure! The disease was “diagnosed” as ‘Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis’. The funny part is that ‘idiopathic’ means “we have no idea what causes” your lung to grow extra fibre!! But it is diagnosed, sounds very scientific and means absolutely nothing.

When something goes wrong next time, will you be one of the mindlessly obedient 70%, or will you do some mindful research of your own, and draw your own logical conclusion and be part of the 30%?
You can read more about the Milgram Experiments here.

06 February 2009

How often do you go?

Early on I learned that what people consider as a normal bowel movement differs hugely from person to person. Your doctor will tell you that one in 3 days or 3 in one day is normal.
To me it’s simple maths. You eat 3 times a day; there is 7 days in a week. So the total meals you consume are at least 21 per week. Now you want to tell me that going once a day or every second day is normal?
My question is simple, what happens to the remaining 2/3 of the food rests in your colon? I will tell you, they ROT!

I just consulted someone that has 2 bowel movements a month. She is on laxatives that have now become totally ineffective. When ever she goes to the doctor with another ailment (that arises due to faecal matter building up in the colon) the doctor diagnoses it as a “new ailment” for which he prescribes another drug or test or surgical procedure. She has now become septic and her quality of life has completely deteriorated.
I am amazed at the stupidity of the professionals!
No one has ever asked her any of the following questions:
How much water (not fluid) do you drink?
What kind of food do you eat? (O yes I forgot diet has NO impact on your health)
Has your appendix been removed? (No, it’s not a useless organ; it’s crucial to proper digestion)
Are you very stressed?
On what kind of chemical medication are you (the ALL have “GI disturbances” listed as a side effect)

So, what do we do?
Well, we started by cleaning out the body, correcting the diet, giving alkaline water and the best probiotics available. In 5 days, I expect to see an improvement.

02 February 2009

The Balancing act

I have found that there are a few basics in life. Do this right and a lot of things tend to work. Do them wrong, and life turns into a disaster. You know you should do it, in fact most people know they should do this right, yet often fail to. Just think of some of them like, driving too fast, drink lots of water, avoid too much coffee, don’t eat lots of sugar, exercise regularly, make that phone call you have been putting off for so long, pay your tax. The list goes on and on, and on. You KNOW you should do it, but it’s like your brain is programmed to not respond.

We have been told that having fruit or a combination of fruit, yogurt and muesli or a smoothy or shake for breakfast is what gives you a healthy start to your day. The reason for this, it is explained, is that this kind of breakfast is what is needed to cleanse your system early in the morning or to start the day healthy. This sounds logical and wonderful, until you look closer.

Looking at it purely from a scientific physiological point of view, the reality is a little less favourable than you may think. If you have a breakfast like fruit and yogurt and maybe muesli added or a slice of toast or shake or a cereal the following happens. As these foods are very easy for the body to digest (this being touted as the big benefit of eating such a breakfast) you find that as a result, the blood glucose level spikes a few minutes after eating breakfast. The body notices this and act appropriately by secreting insulin, created to facilitate the transfer of glucose from the blood into the tissue cells, like the muscles, brain etc.

But because there is a fast rising in the blood glucose level (due to the rapid conversion of the simple sugars in your breakfast to glucose) the body secretes too much insulin into the blood, creating a rapid outflow of blood glucose into the tissue cells, resulting in a very low blood glucose level soon after you ate.
In reality you go from a low blood sugar, feeling low, to a very high blood sugar level, a feeling of being on to of the world, only to find yourself with a very low blood sugar level a few minutes later and a feeling of the world being on top of you again.

For a child going to school this means eating breakfast at say, 07:00, rushing off to school hitting a sugar high just before school starts bouncing with energy, and sometimes bouncing off the walls. But then, an hour after breakfast comes the down where the blood sugar drops very low and the child has absolutely no control over his brain. They want to fall asleep, and have NO concentration ability (now in the classroom). They struggle through the first few classes, to break time, to get to the tuck shop! After the sugar load from the tuck shop the cycle starts again and again resulting in endless mood swings, bringing on, bad behaviour and bad marks. And then Ritalin follows…

The same is true for any adult. The only difference is that we adults have free access to ‘snacks’ like coffee, tea, biscuits more fruit sweets or soft drinks. As a result we eat far more than we should, resulting in growing sideways instead of upwards and in severe cases, antidepressants, anxiety tablets and the like. In ongoing cases this constant oscillation of blood sugar results in diabetes, and for that we take even more insulin!

All this happens due to eating the incorrect kind of breakfast! The cure is so simple, yet only an elected few choose to follow it. No, the remedy is NOT to eat six small meals. You do not even have time to prepare one decent meal, breakfast, let alone six! You will either be preparing food or consuming it for the whole day. No one has this kind of time at hand, anyway most people I have consulted don’t.

The remedy is to have a breakfast comprising of an animal protein and a complex carbohydrate.
This means having your oats WITH an egg, or your slice of 100% rye/spelt toast WITH one or two eggs or mince or sardines or tuna or beef sausage or the like (and no pork or bacon). NO, not seeds and nuts, these could be snacks, but certainly NOT breakfast.
Yes, you may eat lots of eggs as the people who told you that eggs are bad for your cholesterol, lied, like the people who told you butter is bad and margarine is good, and that eating fruit for breakfast is healthy.
Lunch could be something like quinoa or brown rice with chicken, or egg or fish leftovers mixed in with some of your favourite veggies like onion, garlic, peppers, tomatoes etc.

If you follow this principle for lunch and supper, you will have a stable blood glucose level and sustained energy throughout the whole day.
The combination of an animal protein and a complex carbohydrate digests much slower, resulting in a slow rise and fall of blood sugar over a long period of time. No sugar spikes and no sugar lows, lots of concentration ability and lots of energy with no mood swings.

Fruit now becomes a snack between meals and not the main meal.

More than often I explain to clients how to balance their blood sugar, only to find that when I see them 5 days later, they have done the exact opposite! I guess it must be one of those things that are simple to understand but difficult to do. So maybe you want to give it a try.

Someone once said: Skill is knowing how to, Knowledge is knowing how to apply that skill, Wisdom is knowing when to apply, and applying it is called: virtue.

18 January 2009

Healing a Broken bone

My son CJ (14) just loves horses. He is an excellent rider, very safe, and makes very sure that his horse is properly prepared and cared for, before he gets on to ride.
On this particular day, someone refused to take their horse out of the arena, before CJ entered with his horse. The other horse that was in the arena is known to be a moody and naughty horse. All went well, until CJ passed him. For no reason he kicked up with his hind legs, kicking CJ and his horse, and injuring both. I uttered a loud shout to the horse as I looked across the arena, and he stopped.

When CJ got to me, his face filled with pain, I had realised he had received a hard blow from the naughty horse.
He got one kick on the fibula (between the knee and the ankle) and one on the foot's small bones (between the ankle and the little toe!!) His riding boot was kicked to pieces, and he could hardly walk.
A few weeks before, I had made him a small first aid kit that he could carry in his bag to the horses. In the past I just sent some Rescue and Injura drops, a few plasters and some Traumeel S ointment with him, which proved very useful over time, as he helped many children that came off a horse and met the ground with a rather sudden stop.

We immediately gave him some Rescue drops, followed by Injura drops. I carefully took the boot and sock off and discovered that (fortunately) it was not an open wound. I applied some Traumeel S ointment to the areas that was not well defined at this stage, as the pain was all over.

When we got home I examined the areas more closely and found that the fibula was just badly bruised. The foot was very sore and had a small fracture.

I immediately started the treatment that I learned from a good friend, Garth Kent. The remedy is to put CMO cream on the area, then soak a bandage in some Apple Cyder vinegar and apply it over the area.
In this case I mixed some Traumeel S ointment into the CMO. We then poured some organic apple cider vinegar into a bowel an soaked part of the bandage in it.

I then applied the wet part of the bandage to the foot and the fibula area.

We wrapped the bandage firmly around the area, and the pain disappeared within 5 minutes. I kept in doing this for about 4 days, at which point he was able to walk and jump again without any problems.

At the same time, during the days of his foot and leg healing I also fed him extra doses of the following supplements; CMO Capsules, Omega SLO capsules, Beriola capsules, Activ 8 antioxidants and extra Vitamin C capsules. I had him drink lots of filtered water with Coral Calcium sachets in the water. This makes the water highly alkaline and the Coral speeds up the healing tremendously.

Now he is 100% recovered and riding better than before!
I have done this a few times before. The first time was when Josua was only 4 years old and fell off a chair, hurting his elbow badly. This is where I saw the incredible pain relieving power of Apple Cider vinegar. Josua's crying stopped as we were applying the bandage soaked in the apple cider vinegar.

12 January 2009

Cancer is a Fungus

This is such IMPORTANT information, I thought I had to share it with you:

Dr. Dr. Simoncini
Is a roman doctor specialising in oncology, diabetology andin metabolic disorders

If 40, 30, or even 20 years ago it was still possible to somehow convince people of the goodness of official oncology and of its results, today, after results that are as continuous as they are inane, although trumpeted regularly by the media, nobody accepts being seduced by words, about hypotheses and promises that are undelivered and undeliverable, any longer. The painful awareness, which almost everyone has experienced, of the miserable end of this or that relative, friend, or acquaintance, is associated with these failures.We must surrender to the evidence that contemporary oncology is incapable of giving us the answers and the necessary to those who are cancer patients and that therefore it is our moral and ethical obligation to try to find the correct solution for the gravest and most painful disease of our time.

Cancer is a fungus For about 100 years, the fundamental theory behind cancer has been based on the hypothesis that it is a malfunctioning of the genes. This point of view implies that cancer is intracellular. My point of view however is that cancer is a fungal infection, and therefore an extra cellular phenomenon.

Candida In the plant world, cancers are caused by a fungal invasion, and it is possible to argue that the same thing happens in human beings. Fungi are always involved in cancers: they are found both in vivo and in the post-mortem examination*. However, scientists believe that they develop after the onset of the illness. My opinion is that they come before it: they produce the cancer, blunt the immune system and then invade the entire organism. Each type of cancer is caused by fungi of the Candida species, as also referenced by other research*, and the histological configuration is a result of the defence reaction of a tissue against the invasion. In time, the tissue gets exhausted and produces only undifferentiated cells. A cancer could be termed a ‘solid abscess,’ where the colonies form the centre, and host cellular reaction is all around.

Sodium bicarbonateTraditional anti-fungal drugs are ineffective in treating tumours because the solid colonies can be attacked only on the surface of their volume, and after the first administrations they become resistant. A solid infection is much more powerful than a bacterial one. That is why simple fungal infections can last forever. I have identified the substances uniquely able to penetrate these volumetric infections: for cancer of the internal organs it is sodium bicarbonate; and the best substance to eliminate skin cancer is iodine tincture, particularly when it is spread onto the growth. There are many publications that describe the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate on cancer*, but the conclusions drawn in them are invariably wrong because they assume intracellular, rather than antifungal action.

The treatment My methods have cured people for 20 years. Many of my patients recovered completely from cancer, even in cases where official oncology had given up. The best way to try to eliminate a tumour is to bring it into contact with sodium bicarbonate, as closely as possible, i.e. using oral administration for the digestive tract, enemas for the rectum, douching for the vagina and uterus, intravenous injection for the lung and the brain, and inhalation for the upper airways. Breasts, lymph nodes and subcutaneous lumps can be treated with local perfusions. The internal organs can be treated with sodium bicarbonate by locating suitable catheters in the arteries (of the liver, pancreas, prostate, and limbs) or in the cavities (of the pleura or peritoneum). It is important to treat each type of cancer with the right dosage. For a phleboclysis, 500 cc at 5% or 8,4% is required; for external administrations it is enough to taste if the solution is salty. Sometimes it is judicious to combine different administrations. For each treatment, take into consideration that tumour colonies regress between the third and fourth day and collapse between the fourth and fifth, so that a six day administration is sufficient. A complete, effective cycle is made up of six treatment days on, and six days off, repeated four times. The most important side effects of this care system are thirst and weakness. For skin cancer, a 7% iodine tincture should be spread on the affected area, 20-30 times once a day, with the aim of producing a number of layers of crusts. After this treatment, the cancer will be gone and stay away forever.

Pediatric oncology This therapy is also applicable in paediatric oncology, provided the dosage is adjusted and revised according to the weight and age of the infant, as well as the type of neoplastic formation.

Clinical cases Several well-documented clinical cases, examined before and after sodium bicarbonate treatments, were reported on and outlined on wrote a book entitled ‘Cancer is a Fungus’ published in Italian, Dutch and English, thanks to the help of family and friends. Video footage of patient testimonials is also available on the internet site mentioned above. My deep wish is to make this therapy available to all humanity. In order to do so I must carry on my research. This research is done privately, since I have received no response from official institutions — despite having published the results of the well-documented and successful clinical cases I have treated. It is my firm hope that soon, the fundamental role of fungi in the development of neoplastic disease is acknowledged, so that it is possible to find, with the help of all existing forces of the health establishment, those anti-mycotic drugs and those systems of therapy that can quickly defeat, without damageand suffering, a disease that brings so much devastation to humanity.
Read more here


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