18 January 2009

Healing a Broken bone

My son CJ (14) just loves horses. He is an excellent rider, very safe, and makes very sure that his horse is properly prepared and cared for, before he gets on to ride.
On this particular day, someone refused to take their horse out of the arena, before CJ entered with his horse. The other horse that was in the arena is known to be a moody and naughty horse. All went well, until CJ passed him. For no reason he kicked up with his hind legs, kicking CJ and his horse, and injuring both. I uttered a loud shout to the horse as I looked across the arena, and he stopped.

When CJ got to me, his face filled with pain, I had realised he had received a hard blow from the naughty horse.
He got one kick on the fibula (between the knee and the ankle) and one on the foot's small bones (between the ankle and the little toe!!) His riding boot was kicked to pieces, and he could hardly walk.
A few weeks before, I had made him a small first aid kit that he could carry in his bag to the horses. In the past I just sent some Rescue and Injura drops, a few plasters and some Traumeel S ointment with him, which proved very useful over time, as he helped many children that came off a horse and met the ground with a rather sudden stop.

We immediately gave him some Rescue drops, followed by Injura drops. I carefully took the boot and sock off and discovered that (fortunately) it was not an open wound. I applied some Traumeel S ointment to the areas that was not well defined at this stage, as the pain was all over.

When we got home I examined the areas more closely and found that the fibula was just badly bruised. The foot was very sore and had a small fracture.

I immediately started the treatment that I learned from a good friend, Garth Kent. The remedy is to put CMO cream on the area, then soak a bandage in some Apple Cyder vinegar and apply it over the area.
In this case I mixed some Traumeel S ointment into the CMO. We then poured some organic apple cider vinegar into a bowel an soaked part of the bandage in it.

I then applied the wet part of the bandage to the foot and the fibula area.

We wrapped the bandage firmly around the area, and the pain disappeared within 5 minutes. I kept in doing this for about 4 days, at which point he was able to walk and jump again without any problems.

At the same time, during the days of his foot and leg healing I also fed him extra doses of the following supplements; CMO Capsules, Omega SLO capsules, Beriola capsules, Activ 8 antioxidants and extra Vitamin C capsules. I had him drink lots of filtered water with Coral Calcium sachets in the water. This makes the water highly alkaline and the Coral speeds up the healing tremendously.

Now he is 100% recovered and riding better than before!
I have done this a few times before. The first time was when Josua was only 4 years old and fell off a chair, hurting his elbow badly. This is where I saw the incredible pain relieving power of Apple Cider vinegar. Josua's crying stopped as we were applying the bandage soaked in the apple cider vinegar.

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