11 June 2010

Homeopathy and the Christian

Our journey.
During the past fifteen years we, as a family, have been through a lot, as far as natural medicine goes. One persistent issue of concern  for some christians seems to be that of Homeopathy. We came across homeopathy as a result of modern allopathic medicine failing to solve major health issues in our young firstborn son. The pediatrician explained to us, after he ran many expensive tests, that he had no idea what the problem was, and that we would be better off trying to find an answer ourselves. And so our journey in search of true medicine began. Me an electronic engineer and my wife a dietitian.
We prayed earnestly for direction as we had no idea as to what to do next, and we could not bear it any longer seeing our baby grow weaker by the day. Through a wonderful Christian pharmacist we were introduced to an excellent homeopath in our area.
Fifteen years ago, the (Christian) world was a little different than it is today. Back then we were almost excommunicated for being different. As a couple we have always had a very teachable spirit, although, at times, we could be very stubborn. Our journey took us past many strangely wonderful experiences, from receiving visits at odd hours of the day and night from our ‘caring’ pastor to find out what we were up to, or our close friends of our cell group praying ‘secretly’ in front of our health shop to close it down and stop us from practicing ‘evil practices’. We were even denied access to a ‘Christian’ school because we were using and selling homeopathic remedies. At one time my family was so worried that I had fallen for evil, that they tried to divide Linnie and me, so they could get to me and stop these so called evil practices.

Through my tendency to do a LOT of research as an engineer, I have done, and continue to do, much research on natural medicine. Many of the things I have read and studied, you have never come across and probably never will. Suffice to say that I have a fair amount of insight into allopathic medicine, and natural medicine. This has brought me to the conclusion, that collectively, the human race is grossly ignorant of it’s body’s intricate workings and the interactions with it’s environment. Not withstanding this, modern society has come to a point where it almost worship modern science for what it can do for us, and become increasingly blind to it’s shortcomings. 
Just to put modern Science into perspective. 
  • All the known facts and understanding thereof, regarding the human cell, amounts to just  less than ten percent! 
  • 96% of what we get taught by astrophysicists about space “science”, consists of dark matter and dark energy, none of which can be measured. The reason for this is so they can make a model work that has no need of a Creator. This means that 4% approximates what we really know about the universe.
  • Only about 5% of the thousands of drugs (called modern medicine) has some beneficial effect on the human body. Chemo therapy is less than 2% effective over a ten year period. The war on cancer has failed us, and there is no cure in the foreseeable future.
  • With all the modern science we have not advanced an inch as far as inventing an alternative for the inefficient internal combustion engine since it was invented in 1823!
  • Modern science continues to promote the religion of the Big Bang and evolution as real science, yet it is based on flakey evidence and a host of common lies.
  • We are continually told by scientists that we should take less or no vitamins, but to take more and more chemical medicine. 
Why do I bore you with all these facts? Just to say that the modern scientific model is far from complete and at best, we are only starting to scratch the surface of discovering how natural phenomena works.
This has unfortunately resulted in the human body simply being viewed as an organism, not able to heal itself, in need of man made chemical medicine to have a better life. We cut out ‘unnecessary’ body parts, burn unwanted growths with inhumane radiation therapy, or poison unwanted ‘bugs’ in the body, regardless of the devastating effect it has on healthy tissue. We have forsaken and forgotten the wonderful and fearful way in which the body was created.
With this as background, I would like to share a few thoughts on Homeopathy.
What homeopathy is not.
People regularly speak about homeopathic medicine or their homeopathic doctor etc. without realizing that what they are using is in fact not homeopathic preparations. 
Herbal medicine, makes use of, mostly, natural occurring plants. These plants are harvested and the whole plant or parts there of may be used as medicine. It may be  a finely ground powder, presented as measured doses in capsules. The same plant material could also be the unground leaves steeped in hot water and drunk as a tea. The same plant material can also be soaked in alcohol, strained and the alcohol containing drops be taken as a herbal remedy. Classically, the person that you would see for this kind of treatment is called a herbalist or a herbal doctor. In modern times this can be studied to a doctorate level in  ‘phyto-medicine’ An example of this is using Echinacea as an immune stimulant in the winter season, or using Olive Leaf extract as a natural anti-biotic.
Vitamins and Minerals are sometimes also spoken of as homeopathic medicine, although it’s not. These are more accurately referred to as nutritional medicine. Although, like most other natural medicine, you can buy these over the counter, you would get better and more accurate advice by seeing a nutritionist. Clinical nutrition is about applying therapeutic doses of vitamins or minerals to correct an incorrect body function. An example of this is giving a schizophrenic, a high dose of Vitamin B3 to correct the brain function, or taking Magnesium for muscle cramps.
Allopathic medicine is what you would encounter when you visit your un-natural doctor, who studied MBCHB - also called a GP.  Allo- (Against) pathic (germs) means that this kind of medicine waits for a symptom to appear, like eczema. The eczema that is seen as the “illness” needs to be fought off directly. Thus a chemical made in a laboratory by bold men with bottle bottom glasses wearing white coats and gloves are applied to the skin to SUPPRESS the eczema. When the eczema disappears (for a short while), the treatment is deemed successful. If the symptom reappears, a stronger chemical is applied (for this new disease), until the skin is destroyed or the symptoms appear on another spot or changes to a more severe illness like asthma. A classic example is giving cortisone to suppress asthma or eczema symptoms, and ‘managing’ the side effects caused by the cortisone when they appear. 
It is worthy to note that just over 250 000 Americans and about 10 000 Brits die every year due to CORRECTLY prescribed, FDA approved “medicine”, something that has never happened in natural medicine. 
In this model natural medicine or diets are viewed as unscientific and of little or no value.
OK, so what is Homeopathic medicine?
Lets take a toxic plant like Belladonna. 
In ancient times Belladonna was often used to poison an adversary - with lethal consequences! Belladonna acts upon every part of the nervous system, producing active congestion, furious excitement, perverted special senses, twitching, convulsions and pain. It has a marked action on the vascular system, skin and glands. 
Belladonna is always associated with hot, red skin, flushed face, glaring eyes, throbbing carotids, excited mental state, hyperaesthesia of all senses, delirium, restless sleep, convulsive movements, dryness of mouth and throat with aversion to water, neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly ( Oxytropis.) Heat, redness, throbbing and burning. Epileptic spasms followed by nausea and vomiting. Not a plant to be handled without gloves, you get the picture!
The above symptoms are very likely to occur when an undiluted extract from the leafs, stems or roots are taken orally!
When 1 part of such an extract is taken and mixed with 10 parts of water or alcohol you would have a 1 in 10 parts dilution (also referred to as a D1 dilution). Although still quite poisonous, the effects would occur in fewer people and be far less toxic. 

If then one part of this (1/10) dilution is mixed with 10 parts water or alcohol, you would have a 1 in 100 part dilution (also referred to as a D2 dilution).  Although still poisonous, the effects would be 100 times less. 
This may may be done for a given number of times, ending up with a dilution like D30 or D60 where none of the original plant is left in the dilution.
In this instance there is no possibility for any of the original substance to be in the dilution, rendering it useless. At least, thats what makes sense, or does it? 

A man by the name of Samuel Hahnemann discovered (by accident) that such dilution had a strange effect when taken. He discovered that when someone had symptoms like ‘furious excitement, perverted special senses, twitching, convulsions and pain, hot - red skin, flushed face, glaring eyes, throbbing carotids, excited mental state, hyperaesthesia of all senses, delirium, restless sleep, convulsive movements, dryness of mouth and throat with aversion to water, Neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly ( Oxytropis.) Heat, redness, throbbing and burning’, and was given a very weak dilution of Belladonna (that did not contain any of the original substance) these symptoms disappeared instantly.
This effect greatly intrigued Hahnemann, and he did a lot of ‘primitive’ research - but did not understand why the remedies worked so well. He developed a term called ‘proving a remedy’ By this he meant that in order to proof that a (Diluted) remedy was actually working, it had to induce mild symptoms similar to the original substance when taken by a well person. 
Here in lies the biggest criticism on homeopathic medicine. Modern scientists analyze  the (highly diluted) remedy and find none of the original substance in the remedy and for this reason deem it: a HOAX! The so called healing effect (they say) is simply a placebo response of the body. This means that the mind thinks it’s getting a remedy that’s suppose to have a certain action, and reacts accordingly. The effect is thus deemed psychological not physiological.
Is it a hoax?
Well what other explanation could possibly be true? ‘Nothing’ has a ‘something’ effect, certainly does not fit the current main line science model. (Except of coarse the Big bang theory, where nothing became something) Well, that was exactly the problem that Hahnemann experienced with his discovery. It had no known explanation. 
So he had to theorize why he had positive results with heavily diluted remedies. Back in the 1800’s quantum physics had not been developed as a scientific model yet, and Hahnemann could not offer a reasonable explanation for his newly discovered medicine.
So his peers ridiculed and persecuted him as they could not understand the working of homeopathy.
This notion is, unfortunately, still with us today. Over the years the “warning” against Hahnemann and his “hoax” has grown from him having been accused of being a muslim, a satanist, an atheist, and an occultist, to homeopathy having originated in the east! In actual fact he was Lutheran and he lived and worked in Leipzig, Germany.
Like I mentioned, critics of homeopathy deem it worthless, mostly because it does not contain any molecule of the original substance, because in their minds and, limited understanding, only a ‘molecule’ can heal something. They also postulate that the only reason for any reaction to homeopathic medicine is the psychosomatic (placebo) response. What they always fail to address is the fact that homeopathy is also effective in babies and animals, who are not supposed to react, if the workings were psychosomatic! 
Apart from this, many studies have been done on the efficacy of homeopathic remedies, many of which was done according to the industry standards i.e. “double blind, placebo controlled” studies.
If you have ever used homeopathic remedies, you would know that when your child had a frightening high fever in the middle of the night and you gave a remedy that brought the fever down within minutes, you needed no further convincing that homeopathy is not a hoax.
In fact, this is the very thing that happened to us. We, in total ignorance of the so called placebo response, started using homeopathic remedies on our baby son. He was totally oblivious to the suggested placebo response, and recovered remarkably.  
Another problem that we are stuck with today, admittedly only in certain religious circles, is that when the word “energy” is mentioned, the proverbial stake is lit and you can hear the spiritual leaders shouting, Witch! Witch! Witch!
The main reason for this is that some new age practices also uses the word ‘energy’ and therefore ‘energy’ is evil.
A second reason is that when something cannot be explained within the current paradigm, it automatically becomes ‘mystic’ or evil.
Well, what these dear people do not realize is that ‘energy’ is part of God’s creation, whether they like it or not. Without energy, Ultra sound scans, MRI scans, CT Scans, Laser treatments, radio- TV- and Cellphone transmissions, space travel, wifi and MUCH more, would simply not have been possible. You may say yes, but that is not the human body. 
The human body is equally dependent on energy for proper workings. We are only able to measure a few at present, like the very weak brain waves or the somewhat stronger heart waves. Many energy systems in the body still eludes us, simply because our science model has not advanced far enough as yet.
On dilution and like cures like.
So what about the fact that homeopathic medicine is so diluted, how can it possibly have any effect? Currently, Quantum Physics offers the best explanation in my opinion. Energy is part of our existence, in fact we are mostly energy. To explain this would take many pages if the idea is foreign to you, but allow me to offer a simple explanation. 
Every physical substance on earth, has a unique normal resting frequency.  Frequency is basically the number of times the substance’s atoms move around or vibrate per second.
You can easily see and hear this when a guitar string is plucked. The string would move up and down (vibration) at a rate determined by the length and thickness of the string. This is also true of non-physical elements like the different colours of the rainbow. 
Some of these, depending on the frequency, we perceive as sound - like an orchestra, or smell like peppermint, or light of different colours etc.
It goes even further, every single of the billions of cells that make up your organs, your systems and eventually your body, radiates a specific frequency. Even the words you speak, is made up of a range of unique frequencies. The different thoughts you think or emotions you experience, carry different frequencies.  
Thus your body radiates a spectrum of different frequencies.
This phenomena happens continually  all day long from creation to the end. The chair that you sit on, the table your computer stands on, even your computer is made up of ‘loosely’ connected atoms that vibrate constantly, radiating a constant frequency. Most of these vibrations happens undetected to the human senses. We simply perceive it as, chair or computer, colour etc, etc.
The same is true of minerals that make up the earth. Every mineral has a unique frequency. Every plant or part thereof has a unique frequency.
All these cells, or other substances that I have just mentioned, radiates a certain ‘energetic power’ that is pulsed at a certain rate per second or frequency. You may equate it to the base drum in an orchestra that has both sound volume (energy) and tone (frequency).
Life as we know it is, indeed, an energy experience. 
Take a plant like Coffea Arabica, make a hot water extraction of it and what you have is called a cup of coffee. If you take enough of it, you may be up all night.
If you were to analyze the drink, you would find a range of chemicals in the solution. Each of these chemicals present also carries a unique frequency. In a strong solution like this the subtleness of these delicate frequencies goes unnoted. If you take 1 part coffea extract and shake it up in 10 parts water you end up with a D1 dilution, if done again and again you have a D3 dilution or 1/1000. Although there is still substance in the D3 solution, it’s a thousand times weaker and would very likely no longer be strong enough to keep you awake. 
We can equate dilution to the ‘noise’ of the physical substance fading away with each dilution.
With dilution the frequency component becomes a little clearer to distinguish it from the physical substance noise. If we had a way to measure it, we would possibly find a frequency with a greater amplitude (Amplitude is the loudness of a frequency) 
If we make a 1/1000 000 solution (D6) there would definitely be none of the original chemical substance left. At this point, only the frequency footprint of the original substance will be left, and becomes very pronounced.
You may be thinking, hang on now, how is it possible to have the frequency present, without the physical substance? This is the part where our current scientific model fails us and where quantum physics gives us some explanation. 
What we do know is that life is all about frequency. What some specialized scientists have  discovered, is that water seems to have a “memory” (for lack of a better word). It seems like the molecules of water tends to form clusters or organized patterns when frozen and viewed under a very special microscope, in direct relation to what it has been subjected to. If for instance water is subjected to a harmonious sound, you may find a pattern like on the left, and if subject to a cellphone frequency, the water crystals may look like the picture on the right.

Very little is understood about this, and hopefully we will understand this phenomena better in years to come.
How does this relate to our coffee solution of D6?
What homeopaths have discovered over the years, is that when there is only the frequency left, and no more of the original chemical compounds, the direct physical chemistry ceases and the frequency or energetic action becomes more pronounced but has the opposite effect to the original chemical. 
Remember we said, that we as humans are made up out of a variety of frequencies? When this solution, carrying only the frequency of Coffea Arabica enters our bodies, it has a direct effect on our body’s frequency system. In the case of Coffea Arabica, the effect is no longer to keep you awake, but rather helps stimulate your body to sleep better. So when we have no chemical left, but only the frequency, the effect of the substance is the opposite to that of the original chemical.
On shaking (succussion)
A further problem some people have with the preparation of a homeopathic remedy is that it needs to be shaken or potentized. It seems like the shaking is the issue here. If it was a chemical compound that required shaking, then stirring or shaking would not be wrong. When there is no ‘active chemical molecule’ and it’s shaken, then shaking suddenly evolves into a sinister spiritual ritual, it seems. 
Remember when you played with play-dough back in kindergarden? Remember the little animals you formed by pressing the dough into the preformed plastic forms? After you removed the dough from plastic form, the little animal shape remained in the play-dough. Well the reason for this is that the play-dough had a memory of the original shape it was subjected to. This is a normal characteristic of play-dough. 

You would also know that the form of the plastic is the reverse of the animal shape. You can see the same on a rubber stamp. It’s the reverse of the final image that ends up on the paper.
A similar action takes place when the homeopathic dilution is shaken. In a similar manner the original chemical substance’s energy or vibrational or frequency footprint is left behind in the solution after it has been shaken. And like the rubber stamp the final image is reversed from the original. Likewise,  the effect of the original substance and the homeopathic dilution has a reverse effect.
So nothing evil or New Age, just something a little more complex to understand than play-dough figures.
On Holistic
When you hear the word ‘holistic healing approach’ you may think that it means to view the illness or condition in a broader sense that the usual doctor would do. To look at a person as a ‘whole’.  Essentially, you would be correct. The opposite of holistic would be a ‘reductionist healing’ approach. I think that somewhere along the line, Christians stopped thinking, and became slaves of the theological masters. I don’t mean this in a derogative way, just that they blindly started following some misguided souls’ interpretation of reality without question.
The current (unnatural) medical approach is mostly that of a reductionist. This means that if you go to your doctor with a blocked nose, due to sinusitis, his remedy would be multiple doses of antibiotics or cortisone. If the problem persists, your ear nose & throat specialist would advise that you have a skew septum for which the cure is to drill it open. 
So, the reductionist view is to narrow down to where the so called problem is - the symptom, i.e. the nose. After the treatment the patient would then be better in the sense that he would still develop sinus, but due to the sinus passages having been enlarged, it would no longer clog up. This is called a cure. This is called science.
If you went to a natural ‘holistic’ practitioner like a homeopath or naturopath, the approach is to look at a person as a whole.  The practitioner would ask a lot of seemingly unrelated questions, before starting treatment. He may want to find out what you eat, how much water you drink, if you had coffee - and what kind you had. He may want to know how many bowel movements you have a week, and what form your stools had. Nothing to do with your sinus, right? Wrong! His view of the body is that of an integrated organism. What you put into the body has a direct bearing on how well the body is built and functions. It’s a holistic view. This holistic practitioner would then slowly start changing the patients’ diet and repairing his gut, get him to drink more water and give a few food supplements. Sometimes a homeopathic remedy may be used.  
Over the corse of a few days, the patient would recover completely and would then be healed for life. All this without the use of drugs or surgery. The result is that this patient would enjoy over all better health, better weight, less incidence of heart failure, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and the like. This is called un-scientific.  This is called evil by some... New Age Theology. This is called holistic. You be the judge...
On Paracelsus and Eastern roots. 
Often people (Christians) would say that the ‘roots’ of homeopathy lies in Eastern religions and philosophies, and thus it must be evil. Without going into all of the rudimentary flaws this worldview (that has it’s origin in ignorant and gullible Christian teachings) fosters in people, let me just point to a few basic facts.
The Bible never talks about judging something by it’s roots, but rather to test the fruits. It talks about how a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit or vice versa. If we were to look into ‘roots’ - then you should never again visit your Christian doctor who graduated from a conventional medical school. He took the Hippocratic Oath, which if you read it, is pure evil in it’s most basic form.  Why, you may ask? I suggest you read it. Apart from the Bible’s instruction that we should not swear by heaven or earth, the oath starts by calling on pagan gods! 

This is how it starts: “I swear by Apollo, the healer, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath and agreement:”
Need I explain more...?
It is only expected of the “real” doctors to take this sacred oath. Homeopaths are not expected to take this oath, yet they are deemed evil by some. This just does not make any sense - you be the judge.
Furthermore, all humans have evil roots - borne into sin and eternal condemnation, and if they do not accept the salvation through grace, stays evil - no matter if they live in the east or the west. 
Some people postulate that Hahnemann was influenced by the eastern religious views of Paracelsus. Is this true?

Hahnemann was not influenced by Paracelsus or Eastern religions, and there is no major references to this either, other than some ignorant Christians, obsessed with so called ‘deliverance’ ministries. Like I said before, Hahnemann was Lutheran that grew up and practiced in Leipzig, Germany. 
The suggested link comes in with a statement Paracelsus made regarding toxic substances in his writings, which can be related to the Homeopathic principle 'let likes be cured by likes', and is quoted 100%, out of context to suite personal agendas..

Paracelsus pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine. His hermetical views were that sickness and health in the body relied on the harmony of man (the microcosm) and Nature (macrocosm), see also macrocosm and microcosm. He took an approach different from those before him, using this analogy not in the manner of soul-purification but in the manner that humans must have certain balances of minerals in their bodies, and that certain illnesses of the body had chemical remedies that could cure them. (Debus & Multhauf, p.6-12)
Paracelsus, sometimes called the father of toxicology, wrote:
German: Alle Ding sind Gift, und nichts ohn Gift; allein die Dosis macht, daß ein Ding kein Gift ist. 
"All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dose permits something not to be poisonous." 
That is to say, substances often considered toxic can be benign or beneficial in small doses, and conversely an ordinarily benign substance can be deadly if over-consumed. Even water can be deadly if overconsumed[7].
Closing words on Homeopathy 
As I said, at times we can be very stubborn, or I guess you could call it, ‘strongly convinced that what we are doing is the right thing’ Looking back at all these and other events (and there were many more) I can see a few things that I could not necessary see back then. 
  • Our friends and family meant well, by trying to protect us.
  • Not all homeopathic doctors are good at what they do, but most are.
  • Not all allopathic doctors are pathetic at healing you, but most are.
  • Most allopathic doctors will always believe that homeopathy has never ‘been proven scientifically’ no matter how many international standard studies are presented to them.
  • Most disbelievers in homeopathy will say that homeopathy’s healing comes from a placebo response, but are unable to explain the healing effect in babies and animals.
  • Disbelievers will never be convinced of the workings of homeopathy, no matter how many scientific studies they are presented with, they are simply to proud.
  • The majority of concerns about homeopathy come from real committed Christians, unfortunately the church is completely misinformed about natural and unnatural medicine, and therefore cannot guide members accurately. Confusion results.
  • My pastor is no longer my pastor, and still believes homeopathy is evil.
  • Many of my clients are from the ‘Christian school’ and use homeopathic medicine with great results on an ongoing basis.
  • There are deeply vested interests in the dark underworld of toxic pharmaceutical money, that wants to suppress and ridicule all forms of natural medicine, including homeopathy.
  • I now have friends that are real born again, spirit filled Christians, that use homeopathic medicine, some of whom are Homeopaths themselves.
  • And last but not least, we grew strong in faith and dependance on the Lord through the persecution. We as a family grew spiritually, and continue to do so daily, even though we use homeopathic medicine and help countless clients with it on a daily basis. 
Homeopathy has been accused of quackery, evil practices, occult rituals, New Age philosophy, unscientific, and who knows what will follow.
Although I have attempted at a simple explanation, it is FAR from complete, as our understanding of the quantum realm is in it’s infant shoes. 
Having said all this, it’s important to note that certain unnatural doctors and natural holistic practitioners have personal beliefs systems, philosophies, and religions. 
Homeopathy or any other form of natural medicine as a science, does not require anyone to buy into a religion or cultic beliefs. If such a notion is posed as a prerequisite for healing by a practitioner, it is always a personal conviction of a particular practitioner and not that of the science behind the practice of healing the body. If this personal religion of a practitioner is, in any way, forced on you and you are not ok with it, simply find another practitioner. 

Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.


  1. In ons huis gebruik ons net homeopatiese medisyne en kry daagliks merkwaardige resultate met homeopatie.Ek is tans besig om n boek te lees oor homeopatie: Impossible Cure,The promise of Homeopathy deur Amy L.Lansky. Sy was n dokter en kon nie haar kind red van autisme met haar chemiese benadering nie,n vriend het haar bekend gestel aan homeopathy. In die boek vertel sy hoe haar kind 100% herstel het van autisme deur homeopatie. Hy is tans eestejaar student op universiteit.
    Homeopatie werk!
    Ek het nog nooit van iemand gehoor wat "gewone medisyne" eers probeer verklaar of verstaan hoe dit "werk" voordat hulle n pil vir hoofpyn sluk nie,hoekom bevraagteken ons homeopatiese medisyne wat heeltemal onskadelik is en GEEN newe effekte het nie?
    Ons gebruik homeopatie vir enige iets,van tandpyn,koors,hoofpyn,spierbeserings,en baie erger gevalle.Dit herstel nie net die probleem op hande nie,maar gaan selfs na dieperliggende probleme waarvan die persoon nie eers bewus was nie!
    Die aanvalle kom definitief van mense wat bang is mense gaan regtig gesond word en dat hulle dan nie meer so baie geld gaan maak nie.
    Dankie vir hierdie artikel,ek wens almal kom lees dit!

  2. Christo,
    Weens koste kan ek nie sommer by 'n dokter of homeopaat instap en diagnose / behandeling kry nie. Dus gebruik ek my apteker baie BAIE meer.

    Maar om nou 'n apteker te kry wat in Homeopatiese benadering en medikasie glo en dit vir jou gee.... en dit op die platteland.

    Is daar iewers / êrens op die net 'n blad of webwerf waar 'n mens dan amper wil ek sê "self-diagnose" en "self-voorskrif" kan kry vir homeopatiese medisyne?

    Op hierdie stadium (met baie dank aan jou en Linnie vir rigtinggewing) is ons deur die genade van Vader gesond. Ons gebruik Echinaforce vir voorsorg / pentagen vir medikasie, suurlemoensap en heuning vir hoes en keelseer (ek kombineer dit vir myself met Lennon se borsdruppels). Arnica is vir my 'n nuutjie wat ons vir die kinders gebruik met die gimnastiek.... Maar waar kan ek meer hieroor lees(r)?

    Nogmaals BAIE DANKIE vir julle hulp en raad

  3. Hi Marelize
    Ongelukkig is dit'n opvoedings probleem by baie aptekers. Hulle is opgelei in chemie - dus beveel hulle gewoonlik chemiese middels aan.

    Beste wat ek kan voorstel is om te kyk na Natura se website:
    Natura is 'n Suid Afrikaanse vervaardiger wat oulike medisyse maak en is in die meeste gewone apteke beskikbaar.


  4. We are Christians. We use homeopathy and have had good results. I was just reading Christian websites that were anti-alternative medicines and I was reading what they said about homeopathy. You addressed all the misinformation beautifully! I will be able to pass on the information when I need to.

  5. Christo, ons was self Christene wat Homeopatie veroordeel het want dis wat ons geleer was!! dat dit bindings en vloeke op mens brings ens. Maar dis hier in die Kaap wat my siening omtrent al hierdie dinge begin draai het. BAIE dankie vir hierdie artikel, dit het my oe heeltemal oopgemaak vir wat Homeopatie regtig is. My man het gisteraand nog soos'n donkie vasgesteek (hy weet net nie hoeveel natuurlike goed ek hom al mee gesond gemaak het nie!!). Ek het om die artikel maak lees en vanaand het hy erken dat Homeopatie nie dit is wat ons geleer wat dit was nie. So as die artikel net vir ons gesin was, my opregte dank!!

  6. Hi Lara, bly dit het gehelp om van die misverstande uit die weg te ruin. Groete

  7. Steph from Maryland15 August, 2012 19:25

    Thank you for this well written post. :)

  8. thank you i really needed this...

  9. Thank you, great post. Informative and myth-busting. My favourite quote being "Not all allopathic doctors are pathetic at healing you, but most are." - I can relate!

  10. Great information! Just what I was looking for!

  11. I am a practising homoeopath and a practising Christian and my vicar has also labelled homoeopathy with dealing in the ocult and has produced a public article to that effect to the parishioners. I really feel that the time has come for me to move on and leave my church which is really upsetting as I will also be losing the close contact with my community as I worship in a village church. However, the more I read articles like yours the more I realise I have to have the courage of my convictions. Thank you for a really clear article.

  12. Any references on scientific studies that prove homeopathy apart from individual testimonies?

  13. There are lots of studies on homeopathy, some good and some bad. The same is true for unnatural medicine. HEEL Germany has very specific studies on some of the products.
    You may find this interesting :

  14. Mr. Lues, I could not agree more with your excellent comments regarding homeopathy and Christianity. As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have done my own research and find it totally within the norm and ethics of our faith. God bless.

  15. Thank you so much for a very balanced view of homeopathy, from a Christian and engineering/scientific point of view - and very well-researched and factual. I am both a professional homeopath and a Christian, and have been for decades. I am a serious student of both the Word of God and its application in my life, and as several have said, I do not find any issues of conflict between Scripture and my chosen profession. In fact, having witnessed many people over the years who were pronounced "incurable" find huge improvements and, yes, even "cures" with homeopathy of a myriad of conditions, I believe that this fulfils God's statements that He has provided everything on this earth for our good! Thank you again!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I received this e-mail:

    I wanted to contact you privately (not in a professional “needing anything” capacity) and just say “Thank you”. I came across your blog some years ago when needing to get a splinter out of my small daughter’s finger and read about the use of Silica. I use Schuessler Tissue Salts daily, and see a qualified homeopath when needed.

    But what struck me was looking at a post I hadn’t read before, where you say that you’re a Christian too. And you discuss the whole divide that’s happened between the two schools of thought. I too have been thinking along these lines lately. I’ve always been a Christian, and grew up with my Mom using homeopathy. I’ve learned to mostly keep quiet about it because of the antipathy it engenders from the Christian community. And only in the last few weeks was I trying to write down a reasoning with myself as to how I do follow homeopathy/natural medicine and can be a Christian too. And you pretty much said there everything I’d been thinking. For me, it’s because I’m a Christian, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that I can accept and embrace homeopathy, the Tissue Salts and other natural medicines. Because our bodies ARE clever and CAN self-heal, given assistance.

    The author wishes to remain anonymous.



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