17 April 2010

We should ALL get our measles vaccine, right?

In the last few days I have had numerous enquiries regarding the mass measles vaccination drive currently under way in South Africa.
If you have not already visited my website for a LOT of truthful information about the terrible side effects of vaccinations, I suggest you look at it right away.
Regarding the current measles vaccination campaign, just a few things you should note.
Did you have measles as a child? Chances are that you did, and survived! I can still remember that I had it while we visited my grandparents. I had to lay in bed, in a darkened room. I also remember how my grandmother’s neighbour brought me a herbal tea to drink. I recovered and all was well. 
I also had chicken-pocks and many other childhood diseases that was considered normal back then. That was until ‘clever’ scientists discovered a cure for these everyday illnesses - and was able to charge money for it. The problem was that if your competitor had a vaccine out on the market before you, they made money and you were loosing out on the billions to be made. Thus the race was on, to get the vaccine out there FIRST. There would have been nothing wrong with this picture, IF only they had the time and the technology to PROPERLY test the fluid they were so eagerly putting into your body for possible deadly contaminants! It is very hard to do this when your competition is blowing in your neck, so a shortcut becomes a very attractive possibility.
This video clip illustrates my point very well.

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So safety aside, how effective is the vaccine?
Posted by Dr. Mercola | February 04 2001 | 1,468 views
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Measles incidence in the United States is at a record low, and indigenous transmission has been interrupted in each year since 1996, suggesting that measles is no longer endemic.

As part of national initiatives, the United States established a goal to eliminate measles by the year 2000. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted a
six-year study of more than 20,000 people older than six years old to see how we measured up to this goal.
Guess what they found? Overall the prevalence of measles immunity was 93%.
BUT if you were born before 1957 you were virtually guaranteed to be immune to measles.
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is so convinced of this data that it actually defines an potentially measles prone person as someone born after 1956 who has no documentation of adequate vaccination or laboratory evidence of immunity to measles or documentation of physician-diagnosed measles.
Medscape General Medicine January 24, 2001
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Dr. Mercola comments:
Any idea what happened in 1957? That is when they started giving the measles vaccine. SO, if you did not get the vaccine you are virtually guaranteed to be immune to measles. After 43 years of giving measles immunizations the degree of protection to society has actually declined 6%!
It is actually worse than that as those born from 1967 to 1976 were only 81% protected. This may be related to giving the vaccine at an older age. The researchers speculate that this is due lower vaccination coverage among children before the implementation of school immunization requirements. But there is no way to know if it was not just due to vaccine failure.
Before measles vaccines were licensed in the United States in 1963, more than 500,000 cases occurred each year. Today, several decades later, the number of measles cases is at an all-time low of 100 cases reported in 1999, and surveillance data suggest that indigenous transmission has been interrupted in each year since 1996, suggesting that measles is no longer an endemic disease in the United States.
It is quite obvious that the protection against measles has declined dramatically since they immunizations were implemented. However so has the incidence of measles. Kids are just not getting measles anymore. Are there any down sides to that?
Well the incidence of asthma is up 250% in this country in the last 20 years. Some speculate that this may be related to the decrease in childhood infections. It is thought that the high fevers we get as a child actually build and strengthen our immune system and prevent the development of complications of asthma.
Dr. Incao wrote an absolutely brilliant piece on this concept which I posted last month.
One could make a justification for the MMR vaccine if in fact it were completely without side effects. Unfortunately, this is just simply not the case. The vaccines manufacturers are notorious for not doing adequate safety studies. Their efficacy studies are superb, they can prove the vaccines work, but they can NOT and have NOT proved that they are safe.
Last week's newsletter had an article describing how Dr. Andrew Wakefield has associated 170 cases of autism with the MMR vaccine.
Michael Belkin would like to see a comparison of autoimmune diseases, neurological damage, autism and diabetes for pre and post vaccine era populations. 
He also believes the CDC epidemiologists have never considered that they are causing the same exact thing they are taking credit for eliminating (neurological complications from the measles virus) by injecting it into babies. The co-inventor of the measles vaccine (Dr. Sam Katz) admitted as much in a NYC lecture last year "With measles vaccine it is possible that maybe one out of 150,000 children who get the vaccine may get something that mimics measles encephalitis." The peer-reviewed, published data showing it's only 1 in 150,000 and not one in a few hundred does not exist.
So, I ask the question: “Why are so many people contracting measles, IF the vaccines given is as effective as the officials claim?”
If you read the above and many more, you have to agree that the vaccines are not doing their supposed job very well.
If you then consider the serious side effects associated with taking these and other vaccinations, and if world renowned doctors reject vaccinations -  WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU TAKING THE STUFF!!?
Our 2 month old baby has just been through a light baby measles. He was uneasy for a day (not even a fever) after which we noticed the measles rash over his whole little body.
So if you are not going to give your baby or yourself a vaccination, what do you do? What if you get the measles, or some other disease?
The answer is really simple. Keep your immunity high, and keep your body in optimum condition, by keeping your pH alkaline. 
If you do contract a disease, then treat with natural antibiotics and antivirals and other nutritional remedies HOURLY. I say, hourly, as some people that come to me, claim that they had to get ‘chemical antibiotics’ because they were just too sick for natural remedies. The reality is that when you use natural remedies in an acute illness, you have to use your remedies acutely. When you start getting better, you can scale down a bit. 
As you may know, we have eight children now, and the last one that got a chemical was CJ (now almost 16) when he was 18 months old, when we left him with his grandma for a weekend! So we live what we teach you.
If you have any further questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to ASK, if I cannot help, I will find the answer and come back to you.

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