06 February 2009

How often do you go?

Early on I learned that what people consider as a normal bowel movement differs hugely from person to person. Your doctor will tell you that one in 3 days or 3 in one day is normal.
To me it’s simple maths. You eat 3 times a day; there is 7 days in a week. So the total meals you consume are at least 21 per week. Now you want to tell me that going once a day or every second day is normal?
My question is simple, what happens to the remaining 2/3 of the food rests in your colon? I will tell you, they ROT!

I just consulted someone that has 2 bowel movements a month. She is on laxatives that have now become totally ineffective. When ever she goes to the doctor with another ailment (that arises due to faecal matter building up in the colon) the doctor diagnoses it as a “new ailment” for which he prescribes another drug or test or surgical procedure. She has now become septic and her quality of life has completely deteriorated.
I am amazed at the stupidity of the professionals!
No one has ever asked her any of the following questions:
How much water (not fluid) do you drink?
What kind of food do you eat? (O yes I forgot diet has NO impact on your health)
Has your appendix been removed? (No, it’s not a useless organ; it’s crucial to proper digestion)
Are you very stressed?
On what kind of chemical medication are you (the ALL have “GI disturbances” listed as a side effect)

So, what do we do?
Well, we started by cleaning out the body, correcting the diet, giving alkaline water and the best probiotics available. In 5 days, I expect to see an improvement.

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  1. What about a follow-up, Christo? What happened? Did she do what you told her? Was her body responding? I'm quite interested. My sister-in-law also thought going twice maybe 3 times a week was normal.
    She isn't one who would really change her lifestyle, but at least she stopped eating white bread. She eats brown now instead, and goes twice a day....



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