27 August 2012

How to have a healthy and natural pregnancy in spite of your gynaecologist . (Part 5c)

Remedies AFTER labour
by Christo Lues

Once it’s all over, the pain from a normal delivery disappears almost immediately when the mother holds the little bundle of joy, at least so I am told and also observed in the eight deliveries of my own children.

The body however now starts a repairing process, and this is what we will focus on in this section. The body is a living organism and has a self healing process built into every cell. Inside each cell is the original building plan (the DNA) of what the fully built cell should look like. The cell is able to replicate or heal perfectly, provided it has the required building material for building a healthy cell.
If we think that we are able to get everything our body needs from food, what we are saying is that the mass produced, genetically modified, artificially fertilized, pesticide sprayed, cold stored for months, radiated and microwaved fresh fruit and vegetables contains all your body needs… a no brainer if you think about it.

You should keep taking all the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that you were taking before and during pregnancy, because your body still needs all that to function optimally.

Having delivered your baby your body went through a natural, though extremely strenuous experience, so some internal and external bruising will occur. Although your body will repair this in time, given the nutrients like Omega SLO, there is great benefit in taking some homeopathic remedies aid the healing process. 
Traumeel S is one of the top remedies available. It comes in pill, drops, Ampules, Ointment and Gell forms. For fast recovery start using just after delivery. Take 10 drops or 1 pill every hour for about two days then as the body starts recovering, reduce the dose to about 3 x per day, till completely healed.
If you had a cesarean section, the same procedure can be followed and after the wound dressing is removed you can apply the Ointment to the scar.

Squaline can be applied to reduce scarring and stretch marks. Apply twice a day. Squaline can also be massaged into tender nipples. If you want to strengthen the nipples, massage the squaline into the nipples for about 3 weeks before delivery.

Something most first time mothers are not aware of is the contractions that follow the delivery. These are required to let the womb contract back to it’s original size. The womb needs to get back to size asap, as this reduces the chance for post partum hemorrhage.
Taking raspberry leaf tea, will serve as a tonic for the uterus, aiding in the contractions. When these contractions become very strong after the birth, it can be quite painful. To help reduce some of these overly intense and painful contractions, taking Spascupreel homeopathic tablets, is extremely effective.

If you had an episiotomy (cut or tear) Applying Silvermax afterwards will help reduce the chance of infection and speed up healing greatly. Taking a bath with sea salt in the bath will also help heal and protect the episiotomy against infection.

If you received pain medication, antibiotics, anesthetic or any chemicals before, during or after the delivery, you would want to get these out of your system as fast as possible. Taking Liver Detox spray help rejuvenate and clean the liver fast and effectively. Generally taking 5 sprays 2 x per day is adequate.

Weccesin Powder is wonderful using on baby’s umbilical. Simply sprinkle the powder on the umbilical with the change of every nappy. The remaining piece of the umbilical cord should fall off within three days after delivery. If you see infection (redness) or a little pus, spray the area with Silvermax with every nappy change then apply some Weccesin powder. Make sure to spray some Silvermax in baby’s mouth as often as possible.

In general the white on your baby’s tongue is NOT candida, but some residue from drinking breast milk. No action is required.
If however you start experiencing itchy nipples, chances of a yeast infestation (like Candida) is possible. This is also called thrush by some. In this case make sure to use nipple guards and cleaning them with GSE after each use. Also make sure that breast pads do NOT contain any plastic layers. Use cotton breast pads instead. If you do have a possible yeast infection, make sure to spray the GSE on the breast pads, your bra or any clothing coming into contact with your breasts. It may speed the healing process by walking topless for a few days (indoors…)

If baby does have thrush, you can clean her mouth with a very weak solution of Bicarb dissolved into water. Dissolve one teaspoon to a liter of boiled, water. Keep the cold bicarb solution handy when feeding, cleaning baby’s mouth with a cotton swab soaked in the solution.

Tips on breastfeeding for mothers can be found here… (Linnie’s Blog)
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