30 April 2012

Brian, Vertically Ill

Case Study
Brian (32) Single Male
Names of subjects and places changed for ethical and privacy reasons.
Analysis by Christo Lues
Some time ago a man came for a first time blood analysis complaining about his general health, immune system, stress, depression and tiredness. He seemed healthy on first observations but as the consultation progressed I found that when I wanted to take a finger tip blood sample he could hardly move his left arm.
When I questioned Brian about his shoulder it became apparent that this had been a long standing issue and that it would come and go, with short intervals of the shoulder being better. 
This is so typical to see; people complain about one small issue like tiredness, but in actual fact they have grown accustomed to being vertically ill.
As I looked at his blood under the microscope, I found that his cells were clogged together and that he had an acidic pH. These observations were serious, since in time, it may lead to more than 150 degenerative diseases.
With further investigation I found that he had about 3 glasses of water, one or two beers, three cups of rooibos tea, canned soda, and juice per day. In his mind these were quite a lot of fluid, and hence his disbelief when I told him that he was completely dehydrated.

After all, 3 glasses of water is hardly enough water to hydrate the body.  Tea, cool drinks etc are not the “fluid” you would do your laundry in, is it? Well, its the same for your body, you need pure water to cleanse, not tea, coffee and soft drinks!
I suggested a 5 day detox program and some supplements - the Pack-O-Life to cleanse and alkalinize his body, Mindset for the immense stress he was under as a young business owner, and for the sore shoulder I gave him CMO and Omega SLO to take daily to reduce the inflammation and help heal the shoulder.
Five days later I saw him for a follow up to see how he was doing. He admitted that doing a detox, excluding all his favourites like beer, tea, and soft drinks was hard for him. He experienced headaches and mild nausea during two of the detox days. He persevered and after 5 days he was feeling much better; he had more energy, no longer had a feeling of being down and depressed BUT best of all his shoulder was beginning to heal up - so much so that he was able to do everything he had to as a motor mechanic. He was ecstatic!

Brian thought that he was taking in a lot of ‘fluid’ and that it was hydrating him adequately and that it was OK that his shoulder was always sore. He was unaware that he was basically vertically ill. He also never gave it any thought that the way he was feeling had anything to do with what he ate or drank.
The main problem that Brian had was that he was completely dehydrated and very Acidic. This lead to most of the problems he experienced. We should make sure that we are always well hydrated with alkaline water. As a guideline use 70% of your body’s goal weight over 14 days in pure KDF water with Coral Calcium sachets in the water. (Body weight X 0.7 / 14 days = amount of water needed per day)
The fact that he was complaining about a few minor issues shows what can happen when you grow accustomed to more serious and debilitating health issues.
After Brian cleansed, nourished and balanced his body by taking the supplements as we suggested, his blood looked much better and was no longer clotted together. This made it easy for his blood to carry oxygen to the individual cells and bring healing to his entire body.
What does your body look like, are you taking in enough pure, alkaline water? Are your blood cells well separated and nourished so that you have well fed and oxygenated tissue cells?

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