17 May 2012

So you survived cancer, what’s next?

by Christo Lues

Do you have a (post) Cancer Survival plan?

Today I received this (sad) letter from a young lady. 

A little about my cancer story:

I was diagnosed in March 2008 at the age of 32 with Breast Cancer in the right breast and 15 out of 24 lymph nodes.
Had a mastectomy of the right breast / Chemo for 6 months and radiation
Have been ‘fine’ since November 2008
In August 2011 I was at a yearly check up where it was discovered the breast cancer was back but as a growth on my liver (7cm)
Have had Chemo (Xeloda) for past 6 months and growth shrunk to 3cm and was the final spot was going to be removed by laser
 Also on Herceptin Chemo every 3 weeks for the past 8 months (continuing with this)
Currently am on a monthly Zoladex injection to suppress my ovaries as too much Estrogen in my body causing the hormones??
Went off all Chemo beginning of April in preparation for the operation

When I went for scans a few days before my op (beginning of May) it was discovered that a secondary growth had started on my liver and has spread to the glands around my liver as well now
Operation was therefore cancelled
Will be starting Chemo again (Paxitaxol) on Friday
Cancer is HORMONE based and is HER2 Receptive

I am interested in trying to clean our my system and get it healthy with natural products.  I will however need to do Chemo for at least 8 weeks before I can have another scan to discuss further with the doctor so will need to do “your suggestions” in conjunction with the Chemo??  Is this possible??

I cannot have any herb based products that are linked to hormones so not sure if this will be a problem??

Please could we maybe set up a consultation asap so we can have a chat and see what we can do?

Does this sound familiar to you? 
Maybe some friends have gone through or is currently going through cancer, and has a similar story to tell?
Many volumes has been written on the issue of treating cancer, chemically or naturally so I am not going to go into the details of treating cancer - I have talked about that elsewhere. What I want to do in this article, is to help you formulate a plan of action after you survived cancer, round one. My reason for this is simple; chances are that you are not intensely interested in your health until you develop cancer, the fist time. When this happens you will probably not opt for a natural alternative to fighting cancer, because natural medicine is unknown to you and scoffed at by the ‘scientific’ oncologist treating you for cancer. Furthermore great fear is instilled in you by the oncologists, should you opt for not taking the best (their) treatments.
The path conventional cancer treatment follows is more or less as follows
Girl develops breast cancer. She is rushed through the medical procedures, Scans - Mastectomy - Chemo and she is OK!
The Girl is put on hormone suppressive drugs, because cancer, they say, is hormone fueled.
Four or five years later she goes for a checkup or develops some pain. To her surprise the cancer is back! Only now, the cancer is in the Liver, bones and even possibly the brain.
Once again they opt for the same treatment that ‘worked’ the previous time.
They do more scans, but find that although some of the cancer spots are shrinking, there are more cancer spots forming all the time. The doctors deem the treatment successful as some tumors are shrinking. The metastasizing cancer is now addressed with radiation and stronger chemo drugs.
The girl grows weaker over time, as the combination of cancer, chemo, radiation and pain killing drugs runs her body to the ground.
Girl dies a painful death, with doctors saying they did everything they could.

The FACT is: "Nobody ever says a word about the fact that authoritative studies in Europe and Australia have shown less than 5% of real benefit [of conventional high dose chemo therapy]" Prof. Willem Serfontein in 'Cancer Diagnosed What now'
It CAN be different!
So, you survived the cancer, chemo, radiation and chronic medicine for about a year. Your life is starting to return to normal. You are still on the hormone suppressing drugs. You have some hot flushes and your husband complains that you are sexually cold, all because you are on the wonder hormone that will prevent the cancer from returning. You are free from cancer, or so you are told. Not bad a deal?
Well the fact is that the same root condition that caused cancer to form in your body, is still there. Nothing has changed, and that is the biggest reason why the cancer will return in around 4 to 5 years. 

Do you have a cancer survival plan?
Now that most of the active cancer has been 'eradicated' by the radical toxic and scarring treatments, it is a good time to change your life style. Start by rebuilding your body, and exterminating the remaining cancer that is bound to make its re-appearance in a few years.
How, you ask?

Start by cleansing, nourishing and balancing the body. 
The best program I know of (and advise people to follow) is the Sevenpointfive program. Following this program you cleanse nourish and balance your body, to help it reach optimum functionality. This supports the body's natural healing and cancer fighting process.
Correct your body’s pH.
This means that you need to get your body to a state of alkalinity, not acid. 

In1924 Dr Otto Warburg said: "Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar." 

This means that when cells are deprived of the life giving oxygen and nutrients, they begin to ferment and cancer develops. By correcting the body pH, this process is reversed naturally and cancer cannot survive. 

Cancer only lives in an acid environment.

The best pH for the body is a pH of 7.5. The best way to obtain this is by correcting your diet and drinking lots of pure water with Coral Calcium sachets added, on a daily basis.
With this you need to take your daily supply of Anti-oxidants, Enzymes, Omega 3, vitamins etc. 
Do you have to take supplements for the rest of your life, every day? Yes! The reason is that the food you eat is no longer all grown naturally, organically and harvested when it’s ripe. This depletes the nutritional value of your food and the protective ability it has on your  body.  
Start eating natural and organically grown food. By this I mean, don’t eat fast foods, drink Coke or other fizzy drinks, SA beer, sugary foods, instant coffee, breakfast cereals, sweets, cake, biscuits or sweetener. Also avoid all processed meats like ham, salami, viennas, poloni, fish/chicken/meat out of a box, or food prepared in/for chain stores. Use fresh herbs and spices from the garden. Avoid defrosting, heating or cooking ANYTHING in the microwave oven.
Drink high quality (KDF filtered) water with Coral Calcium sachets every day. Drink around 70% of your ideal body weight/14 days every day.
Avoid taking drugs on a regular basis for aches and pains, depression, cholesterol etc. Rather try hard to find the root cause (usually acid) of these ailments. 
If you live a very stressful life or work in a super stressful environment, put a plan into action to get out or change it so that you remove as much stress as possible. Make sure you don’t walk around with tormenting issues like unforgiveness. These cause constant health issues and make you more acid and that can reactivate cancer.
Get lots of direct sunlight on your skin every day. The sun is (contrary to popular belief) not your enemy. Exposure to the sun every day produces cancer-fighting Vitamin D in your body. 
Take your daily dose of high quality Anti-oxidants, B-Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Omega 3. I recommend taking Sevenpointfive, as in all honesty, I have found nothing better in 15 years of practice.
Last but MOST important: Start learning about your health. Educate yourself with good information. A few years ago I produced a professional DVD series called "Understanding The Health Puzzle". This is an inexpensive, packed with high quality scientific information set of DVD's that is aimed at helping you learn about natural medicine in a fast and interactive way.  

Knowledge is power. 

Power in your hands to live a long and healthy life...

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