29 March 2012

No Wheat Dairy and Sugar

By Christo Lues
In today’s life many people suffer from allergies, digestive problems like bloatedness and IBS, constipation, weight gain, sinus related problems, eczema, asthma, ADD etc. In the many years I have spent in clinical practice, the single thing that have stood out more than any other is the little or no attention medical professionals give to the role diet plays in a patients health. The medical view is that diet is not important as all foods gets broken down into glucose anyway. They see allergies and digestive problems as disorders, syndromes or illnesses for which the only remedy is a chronic drug or surgical procedure. When a patient asks a doctor whether changing his/her diet will make any difference in their health condition, the answer is a stern NO!
I have never heard of any Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist or Gastroenterologist (specialist in bowl disorders) ask a patient about their diet or recommend a diet change to alleviate their symptoms.
According to these specialist the problem usually lies somewhere inside the body and it needs to be treated, but in actual fact, the problem lies outside the body.
Consider the following analogy;
It is common sense not to eat wood. But if some clever marketing is done to improve the taste, texture, and appearance and if people in authority on nutrition starts proclaiming the health benefits of it, people will eat it. Over time it will become part of their daily diet.
When people start developing digestive issues, allergies and other ailments from eating wood and end up in the doctor’s consulting room, they will leave with a drug to suppress the symptoms of eating wood. No doctor will tell them to simply stop eating wood! Dietitians will tell them they need wood as part of a balanced diet. Fellow humans will tell them that God created wood, so it must be ok - how can we live without eating wood.
If they meet someone with some remaining common sense, they are amazed (if they follow the advice) that they got well by simply changing their diet - avoiding wood.
Most problems of people I consult with on a daily basis, is the diet. We live in a society where people will eat just about anything, as long as it tastes great, has the CANSA or Heart Foundation stamp on it and is fat free. Although people are very particular about what kind of oil or fuel they put in their expensive vehicles, they seem oblivious to the fact that the body, a far more delicate machine is affected by what they consume. This is affirmed by specialist doctors and dietitians that keep hammering it into people’s heads that you can eat everything and that diet plays no role in your health - just eat a balanced diet and you don’t need any supplements. 
In a World filled with lies, the Truth is often more bizarre than the Lie
There are THREE main culprits in the daily diet, and the first is wheat. Read on...

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