30 April 2011

I Had the privilege of meeting a legend...

Have you ever wished you had a chance to meet one of the great minds of the past?
If you were given such a chance, lets say to travel back in time, would you have seen him as a master, would you have believed his discoveries, would you have learned from him, or would you have been part of the masses that criticized him?
Take for instance someone like the Italian, Galileo. He discovered that the Sun does not rotate around the Earth, but that it was the other way around. His discovery was in conflict to a cornerstone belief of the establishment of his time for centuries before. When he dared to challenge this dearly held belief, he was in deep trouble. He appeared before the Roman Inquisition and had to recant his discoveries. Now, many centuries later it is laughable to even consider the modern science without his discoveries. 
Ignaz Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician whose work demonstrated that hand-washing could drastically reduce the number of women dying after childbirth from infections. Semmelweis figured out where the problem lay and introduced rigorous hand-washing rules in the maternity ward. Deaths were drastically reduced and Semmelweis became known as the ‘saviour of the mothers’.
Sadly, Semmelweiss was committed to an insane asylum because of the fact that his peers did not want to believe his evidence. 
Today again, many years later, ALL doctors are aware of the importance of sterile hands when operating or when giving an injection for example.
Closer to the modern age are people like Royal Raymond Rife, Emanuel Revici, Max Gerson, Johanna Budwig - people who discovered ways to cure and destroy the deadly disease of cancer. Again their new ideas was not received favourably by their peers, not because they had no proof, no facts, no results, but because they challenged the status quo. Today thousands of people have been healed by their systems, but most of it is still denied by the powers that be, or much of what they had discovered is lost. 
I would have LOVED to have learned at the feet of these masters!
Then there IS Dr. Tullio Simoncini
A year of two ago I discovered his work by pure ‘chance’.
I started researching his work, bought his book and found it most fascinating.
His theory is that cancer is a fungus.  He theorized that because you can cure thrush in a baby’s mouth with Sodium Bicarbonate, it could possibly work with other fungi as well.
He was right! So for many years now he is successfully treating all cancers with Sodium Bicarbonate  - yes that’s right, good old baking soda!
In doing this he committed to grave sins. One, he actually can cure any cancer, and secondly, it costs virtually nothing.
You may ask what’s wrong with any of these? Well, it turns out that the manufacturers of very expensive (deadly ineffective) chemicals (called chemo therapy) as well as very astute cancer research institutions (Universities) would be without any income due to this simple solution to this deadly disease if an alternative cure was discovered.
So a plan was made, like with people like Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Emanuel Revici, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Johanna Budwig. Shut the man down, immediately. 
So Dr. Tullio Simoncini lost his license to practice medicine immediately!
All this sounds like science fiction to you, I don’t blame you a bit. But because I have done extensive research into natural medicine over period of more than fifteen years, I can assure you, this modus operandi runs like a golden thread though all great modern discoveries.
The standard procedure goes much like this:
  • Very well educated doctor leaves university.
  • After entering private practice, discovers that what he was taught, does not really heal people.
  • Doctor starts trying out different unconventional methods to help his suffering patients.
  • On one bright day he discovers a simple miracle cure for a terrible disease.
  • He tests it over and over, to make sure that what he discovered is in fact true.
  • He shares his discoveries with his superiors and peers.
  • Soon he is isolated from the professional circles and marginalized effectively.
  • False news paper articles or even $cientific papers appears to tell the story of yet another quack that has been exposed.
  • The doctor looses his license to practice medicine.
  • The doctor is disillusioned by the system and is forced to look at alternative ways to help people with his discovery, because he has a heart to help the suffering.
  • The doctor eventually dies and much of his discoveries and knowledge dies with him.

This is much the case of what happened with Dr. Tullio Simoncini. 

The only difference is that the past week I had the privilege to meet the man in person. I can assure you that this full blood Italian doctor is everything but dead!

He engages in conversations with true Italian animated passion and absolute certainty. I found him to speak with authority and precise instruction while looking you straight in the eyes.
I was lucky to have long discussions with him on the why’s -  the why not’s - the do’s and the don’ts of his treatments. 
I was able to look into the eyes of a true master at his art. I could experience his passion to help people, listen to his dreams of what he still wants to achieve! Most of all, I could ask all the questions I wanted to, and learn first hand from this great mind. I asked the kind of questions that you never get answers from, once the master is no longer around. The only interruptions we had was his cell phone ringing about every 10 minutes. People are constantly phoning from around the world to make appointments or ask for advice - he answered EVERY call, although each call cost him a minimum of EUR 20 (about R200) because of international roaming outside of the EU!

We also spent some relaxing times together, and showed Dr. Simoncini around the wonderful Cape. Here he is with Josua, CJ and Heidi-Mari at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. When I dropped him off at the airport, he greeted each of us with the typical Italian kiss on each cheek.

If you want to learn more about this remarkable man, and his quest to eradicate cancer, look at his website or get his book.

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