10 January 2011

Doctor show MMR vaccination is unsafe for children - looses his license

For many years we have been opposed to using vaccinations, due to our own experience with our oldest son CJ. He became very ill following the DTP vaccination.
Personally I have done MANY hours of reading stretching over 15 years on the subject of vaccinations’s pros and cons. 
What I have learned about vaccinations with certainty are as follows:
  1. Vaccinations DO CAUSE adverse effects in children, some short lived some permanent- this is no longer debatable. What is still unsure, is the physical body count.
  2. Anybody trying to show scientifically that there is a link between vaccinations and Autism, juvenile diabetes, inflammatory bowl disorders, cancer etc, will be ostracized.
  3. The efficacy of the so called “herd immunity” to diseases is flakey, as there has been epidemic outbreaks in fully vaccinated communities.
  4. There is very little to no political will to encourage vaccine safety research, rather the opposite. No REAL study has been run on vaccinated children v.s. unvaccinated children - the ‘authorities’ deem this ‘unethical’
  5. Doctors and clinic nurses intimidate parents that question the safety or efficacy of vaccinations with FEAR of being irresponsible.
  6. Most parents still think that their doctor and nurse has their best interest at heart with vaccinating their young.
  7. Most parents of autistic children, that I have consulted, admit that they will never have any child of theirs vaccinated ever again, and that they wish they could turn back the clock…

All this and more, is what Dr Wakefield discovered. I knew many of these things from my own research, but here is a story of a man that lived all of it.
He simply published his findings and because of standing up on behalf of vaccine damaged patients - lost his license to practice medicine. He did what you are hoping your doctor would do, if you took a sick child to him, find the cause of his/her illness.
He is now accused of Scientific Fraud, believe it or not. In Callous Disregard, he gives a detailed description of events as they unfolded, from the first time he saw sick children, how he and his colleagues diagnosed and helped the children to where he is today, in the USA, discredited, alienated from his own country and his career destroyed!
If you ever doubted that there are bigger powers at play and that vaccinations may be unsafe then I want to encourage you to get his book. The book is so well written, it reads like a horror story from Hollywood - I simply could not put it down. DO NOT believe the media… before you have read this book yourself!
I believe that history will indeed be very kind to Dr. Wakefield, and that in the end the truth will be known. 
Below is an interview that Dr. Mercola had with Dr. Wakefield.

In a previous post I have an interview of Dr. Mercola and Dr. Palevsky - this is the perspective of two doctors that no longer vaccinate, because they see the damage it does to our children...


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  2. Great information. I don't trust triple vaccines -too toxic. Single vaccines are bad enough when one considers the 'ingredients' such as mercury. Not good for the brain or the nervous system nor for your organs. I'm a parent and an ex nurse and I don't necessarily trust what my doctor or health visitor tells me. I was there once by professions and one is trained to deliver the 'right' info to the client. Right meaning what the NHS give you. Vaccinating does not prevent you from getting the disease. It might prevent the complications but even that is not guaranteed. This is what I find confusing whenever there is an outbreak -there are calls for people to be vaccinated, especially children. It's not going to stop the spread of disease and just because a person is not vaccinated does not mean that person is contributing to the spread. It's the usual government 'patriarchal' style intimidation.



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